Jayson Williams Has Strong Thoughts About Kris Humphries Losing His Rotation Spot

Former Nets forward Jayson Williams has had his share of minutes in the spotlight — though he’s most known for pleading guilty to aggravated assault and serving a prison sentence after accidentally killing his driver, Williams was a force in the NBA for the Nets, leading the NBA in offensive rebounding percentage in his last full season and developing a reputation as one of the league’s strongest players.

Williams, who has since been released, has kept up with the Nets this season. He occasionally peppers thoughts about the team from his Twitter account, and has kept a running commentary with fans. After hearing that Kris Humphries lost his spot in the rotation, months after losing his starting spot to Reggie Evans, Williams responded accordingly — and strongly:

Williams has always worn his heart on his sleeve (most notably to me in his co-written autobiography Loose Balls), and he clearly hasn’t changed those ways in his post-career life.


  1. Ok I will believe it when I see it. PJ loves Evans who wouldn’t a true warrior! Kinda like the Hump with out his jump shot.
    I couldn’t believe we got him for just a million or so this year, after watching every minute of every nets game I now understand the problem. He may be the least skilled offensive player I have ever seen.
    Now that Crash has lost his outside shot its 5 on three!
    If your watching you notice they give GW anything he wants outside of 10 -14 feet. I have seen him drive really hard to the rim getting ready to dunk only to ”
    “Crash” slip, trip, blocked knocked down whatever. He can’t shoot and he can’t finish, and this is someone who loves him . Ill bet he doesn’t have 3 dunks all year and he may have more missed layups than Evans!
    I wrestled in school but love hoops, don’t know the answer but I’m betting Mirza spreads the floor, I want him to start forget the freaking rotation, you wanna play evens go ahead but when the hump has his confidence he rebounds just as well and hits the midrange jumpers that teams always give to him. How about Bogens and Mirza start
    Put Wallace and Hump in to rebound for Blatche and Brooks. Just a thought. I’m saying mix it up and see what we have. Dwill loses 3 dimes a night to Evans . I’m so tired of the opponents collapsing on our guards like I said it 5 on 3 with crash and Reggie starting. Lets mix it up. Look at Houston and others winning big games but sacrificing D for ball players. PLEASE no more Evans to start the game next to Cradh!!!!!
    What do you guys think am I crazy!

  2. I tweeted Jayson and he sent me this.

    JaysonWilliams ‏@JaysonWilliams_
    @Shenanagon @gracey_b2000 @NYDNInterNets @KrisHumphrieskris has been, my favorite playa 4 2years bc of his hustle.Hump we need you you back!

    Devin you know I’m team Hump all the way and if Reggie was better I’d be okay but he’s not and with all the additional minutes he’s had over Hump this season he should be. Hump would be racking up double/doubles if he played 20-38 min’s every game as Reggie has.