Jason Kidd, Mason Plumlee Play HORSE against Arsenal FC soccer players (VIDEO)

In the video above (produced by the NBA), Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd and center Mason Plumlee take on Lukas Podolski and Lukasz Fabianski of Arsenal FC in a friendly game of HORSE.

The soccer players actually have decent shots, and Kidd even gets beaten on one shot shown. They definitely do better in basketball than Plumlee and Kidd would do in soccer.

After the game, the players and Kidd share a few words and pictures, with Kidd joking to the German Podolski, “you’re just like Dirk (Nowitzki), you just want to score.” Kidd would know — he played two seasons with Nowitzki in Dallas.

No truth to the rumor that they didn’t have Kevin Garnett play the game because he would’ve eaten everyone alive.