The comeback Kidd.

Just around 8:00pm on Wednesday evening, reports started flying that the Brooklyn Nets have hired Jason Kidd to be their next head coach. Peter Vecsey was the first:

This morning, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the Nets — though still meeting with Brian Shaw — would hire Kidd and were currently working on the parameters of a three-year contract. Shaw reportedly met with the Nets for over four hours starting at 11:00am.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports adds this:

A formal announcement is expected soon and a news conference to introduce Kidd in Brooklyn will likely happen before the end of the week. Kidd’s contract is expected to be guaranteed for three seasons with a possible fourth-year team option, league sources said.

It has also been reported that Kidd will attempt to assemble an all-star cast of assistant coaches. Of the names that have been mentioned have been former New Jersey Nets coach Lawrence Frank and top notch assistant Tim Grgurich. Many pundits have also speculated that Kidd may try to bring his former shooting coach, Bob Thate, east from LA (he is currently a coach with the Clippers) to Brooklyn.

As Marc Stein of ESPN notes, one of the main reasons for the hire, is to elevate the play of point guard Deron Williams:

One of the main draws to Kidd is the impact he has on Deron Williams. Kidd and Williams are close friends, with Kidd somewhat in the big brother role. The Nets believe that if Williams is engaged and playing his best, many of their problems are solved and the Nets are a far better team. With Kidd at the helm, they believe Williams would play at his optimum level.

Chris Broussard, also of ESPN, noted earlier today on Sportscenter that Kidd is the type of hire that Nets Russian owner Mikhail Prokhorov was seeking. As transcribed by Netsdaily:

They’re going to give Shaw a fair showing, but clearly, the front-runner is Jason Kidd for many reasons. We know the Russian owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, wants to make a splash, wants to make a sexy hire. That’s why he looked at Phil Jackson. Jason Kidd, obviously not with the credentials of Phil Jackson but he’s a sexy hire … and he impressed the Nets thoroughly with his interview. 1. He was extremely well-prepared and 2. he exuded confidence and a demeanor that they thought would resonate with these players.





  1. LOVE the out of the box thinking and with top assistants coming over I think we’ll be in good hands.  I want Grgurich the most but Frank would help.  Hadn’t heard about Bob Thate but again sounds like a good idea.  I like it.  Very excited for these next 3 years. 

    Temper expectations tho – this will be a perennial playoff team.  The championship might not come but like I said before, it’s harder to achieve in the NBA than any of the other major sports.  Less parity.  This should be fun anyway, didnt think they had the balls to try this out.

    Even without coaching experience, we now have a better HC than the Knicks do.

  2. I love it.
    The two most critical qualities in a coach are: 
        —being able to see everything that happens on the court and understand the patterns
        —being able to lead men
    Kidd is already elite in both.  I’m pretty sure he can learn how to use a clipboard, run game films, etc., without too much trouble.

    1. calling all toasters Indeed.  
      I’m not worried about not having HC experience.  My main worry was off the court stuff.  I’m all for him being a players coach but I hope he can detach himself from being one of the guys.

      1. aerichner calling all toasters I’m sure drinking and stuff like that was BK’s first concern, as well.  Who knows whether it will be a problem.  But I don’t worry about him separating himself–  he seems to really want to be in charge.  After playing for Avery, Byron Scott, and Skiles I’m sure he won’t be a control freak, but I doubt anyone will question that he’s the boss.

  3. I was the first one to report that news in the NYC area.
    I was the one that got banned on Sunday when I told all those Brian Shaw fans that Kidd BBIQ was 100 x greater than Shaws.
    Tonight Kidd proved it by stealing the job right under Shaw’s nose.
    But does anybody care ? 
    Nope…They just care living in their fantasy world.
    That’s life !

  4. 2PM Press Conference on YES! Can’t wait. I’m looking to continue the summer hype with the Nets before the season resumes.