Is P.J.’s time running out?

P.J. CarlesimoThe Brooklyn Nets are 20-12 since interim head coach P.J. Carlesimo took over for Avery Johnson in late December, but higher-ups in the Nets organization are evaluating his job performance. After two ugly losses this weekend to the Dallas Mavericks and Chicago Bulls, Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News reports that Carlesimo’s time may be short:

Carlesimo doesn’t have the support from ownership or the job security that commands respect or fosters patient, forward-thinking decisions. The company line of assessing Carlesimo’s interim status “at some point” isn’t exactly reassuring.

Johnson, who was fired in the last year of his deal, blamed his inability to reach these same Nets players on not having contractual leverage, and now Carlesimo is dangling by an interim label even more fragile.

Carlesimo’s response to the team’s struggles is to tinker with the rotation, whether that means “tightening up,” playing Andray Blatche as a power forward next to Brook Lopez, or increasing Mirza Teletovic’s minutes.

In a taping with YES Network’s CenterStage today, Carlesimo was asked if he’d have a shot at keeping his job if the Nets don’t win the NBA Finals. His response: “hopefully.”

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  1. The contract issue is why I don’t blame development issues 100% on Avery/PJ. Tough to develop players at the risk of losing when you’re on the last year of your deal.

    Also the rotation changes, though necessary, is the same thing Avery was doing right before he was fired. Too bad PJ can’t be fired.

    1. don’t buy that excuse. Thibs and the coach at OKC coached their butts on the final year of their contract. Is it that hard to play a Euro prospect that your owner is paying big bucks for? especially if you have the worse PFs in the league in front of him anyway?

      1. Not defending Avery/PJ at all. I think that Avery is a poor coach and I think that PJ is one of the worst in NBA history (his record shows that). But when you look at it realistically, in the beginning of the year, when Avery needed to win to keep his job/get an extension, he wasn’t going to play his rookies no matter what. He had never seen them before. Should he have? Of course, that’s why he’s gone, but he was in a tough spot in terms of developing players in the first place while in “win or you’re gone” mode.

        With PJ, again, I think he is a putrid coach. But being an interim, and getting off to a hot start, thinking he had a shot to keep the job, he wasn’t going to change things up. Only until now, when the team is losing he supposedly with change things up.

        You cannot blame them 100% though. To me, it’s more 50/50 on ownership/management for putting them in the always tough position of “win or you’re gone” mode (you brought up Thibodeau, which is a poor example because unlike Avery, he won coach of the year with 62 wins and a trip to the ECF his rookie year. Avery’s teams were in the lottery every year. Also same goes with Scott Brooks, he had much success, had his team progressing rapidly. Neither coach was worried about their next job, unlike Avery/PJ) and 50 on the coaching staff for being top level idiots.

    2. Avery didn’t develop anyone in the first two years of his contract. But the Avery defenders (there are still some, believe it or not) say that the players were just too awful those years. And this year the players are too good, I guess.

      1. I’m not an Avery defender at all, as I said above, but there weren’t any players to develop those years. If anything he did a fine job of developing Brooks, Humphries, Morrow, Green, and Favors in 2011 and 2012. Who did you want him to develop more? He had complete and utter garbage those two years. Gaines, Graham, Outlaw, Petro, Gadzuric, Shawne and Sheldon Williams. 11 players who played for the Nets last season are not in the NBA.

  2. I think PJ has a good grip mentally with his players. DWill turned it around (both mentally and physically) with PJ.

    As much as I love his passion, he just isn’t a good coach for this team. Terrible rotations, stubbornly starting the worst starting PF in the NBA, and calling the most predictable plays ever during key moments (If i can predict the play, they are predictable).

    IMO, we need a coach that will keep the ball in Dwill’s hands and let him make the decisions. Get into a pick n roll offense quickly, instead of running both your guards off the ball and Isolations all the time. Better defenses will cover PJ’s style of ball. Whatever decision is made at the PF decision, it needs to be more consistent for the playoffs.

    Sorry, but #FirePJ

    1. PJ’s done a good job besides playing Reggie Evans too much imo.

      I don’t know about keeping the ball in Deron’s hands. Yeah he’s injured but he turns the ball over too much with poor decisions.

  3. It’s funny, when he first took over PJ did a lot of stuff right. The longer he’s in charge, though, the more he regresses back to Avery-level. I think Popeye and Mario must be nagging him into coaching this stupidly. He might have kept this job if he went his own way instead. Oh well, he’s a dead man walking now.

  4. I am so tired of these Nets’ coaches. There are 2 very simple fixes to what’s ailing the Nets yet they choose to play favorites.


    If they would actually stick with these guys instead of playing them here or there they would be able to get a rhythm and contribute regularly.

    Right now the Nets get around 10 mpg from their starting forwards which allows defenses to collapse on Lopez, Johnson, and Williams and make their lives hell with all the tough shots.

    Evans provides absolutely no spacing and can’t be involved in a pick & roll/pop, because defenses want him with the ball in his hands since he’s not an offensive threat and is a turnover machine. Wallace also has offensive limitations which is why he can’t be on the floor with Evans.

  5. Max,Max,Max

    you are a numbers guy–if you are making the statement how bad a coach p.j. is by his wins-losses in previous years
    then how can you say that he is not doing a good job this season with the team record since he took over as head coach!!

    another lesson in statistical fallacies is due you–
    you wrote youself how bad Avery was as head coach—but prior to the Nets position–i believe he had the best winning percentage as head coach in history–by your analysis–this would have placed him in the hall of fame at that time

    THE REALITY is that anyone would have been a successful head coach with Dallas and the record did not accurately assess what kind of head coach he was!!

    similarly,Carlissemos bad record prior to the Nets was not really that bad–he made the playoffs multiple times in Portland-only when he was coaching bad teams did his record fall

    in summary, your analysis of STATS seems to get you mixed up–as evidence shows above–stats dont take into acct many things

    i,personally,have no clue if Carlissemo is good or not–but his record is really good this year coaching a team with a lot of weaknesses–I WOULD BLAME Billy King more than P.J.!!

    Billy King got his position originally because Avery did not want a strong,independent general manager-Avery needed someone that he could manipulate–before the Nets job–King was out of basketball–unlike Phil Jackson–it was not his choice–he did such a poor job in Philadelphia that he wasnt hired elsewhere–he had interviews but why would anyone hire him after spending poorly on the wrong players in Philly

    the problem with the Nets is more Billy Kings than Carlissemos fault!!