Has Barclays Center changed your life?

From our good friends over at Fort Greene Local:

Neighbors at an Atlantic Yards Quality of Life Committee meeting in October pointed to unresolved quality of life issues, including idling cars, public urination, advertisements flashing overnight, concert noise, illegal parking and 311 complaints going unaddressed. Still, some locals, such as Council Member Letitia James, hold out hope that the arena will balance the negative impacts felt by locals by bringing new revenue to area businesses and increased hiring at the arena.

“My long time concerns with the Barclays Arena and Atlantic Yards project continue to remain living wage jobs, affordable housing and quality of life,” Mrs. James said in a statement.

What do you think, Fort Greene and Clinton Hill? How has the Barclays Center impacted life or your business? Let us know in the comments, or by e-mailing us at bklocal@nytimes.com. Stay tuned for our upcoming poll on the topic.

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  1. I’m from Clinton Hill/Fort Greene and have actually been quite impressed at how it isn’t totally disrupted the area…yet. NYPD does a really good job of directing traffic after events and keeping it orderly. I say yet because life will definitely change for Brooklynites once these 15 towers are built. I’m all for developing but why destroy Brooklyn?

    1. Why would a bunch of residential towers “destroy” a neighborhood more than a sports arena? Makes no sense

      Towers are popping up all over that part of Brooklyn and others.

      1. Well, I’ve lived in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, while both have their pros and cons I love Brooklyn for the neighborhood feel it has in Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Park Slope, etc., etc. You lose that once you start Manhattanizing it. It’s the most densely populated area of the borough, now add in thousands of new units. Buildings more in line with the community could have been built. The community gave a good fight, but in the US money trumps all.

        I’ve spoken to a lot of people about this. The general consensus among the people who don’t live there is it’s a great idea, and for the people who live there it’s a bad idea. These towers are like homeless shelters, everyone thinks they’re a great idea, as long as it’s not in their neighborhood.