Grizzlies 76, Nets 72: Nets Lose a Heartwrencher (Game Grades)

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Started off red-hot and continued hitting through most of the game, from inside and out, kept the Nets entirely in this game… and then threw away a boneheaded pass behind Mirza Teletovic and right into Tayshaun Prince’s outstretched hand. He was cruising for an A until that moment. Heartwrenching final possessions.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

He can’t shoot. It’s a problem.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Game so quiet from the Brookie Monster that his benching in the fourth quarter went almost unnoticed.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

More good Blatche than bad Blatche tonight — didn’t do too many crazy isolations, had one sick defense-splitting crossover that led to a one-handed dunk, and mostly stayed around the rim. on both ends. Of course, he did try a fallaway three in the waning seconds, which was blocked by Marc Gasol, and thus ended the game. But you can’t blame him for forcing a shot when a shot needed forcing.


Some solid minutes tonight chasing down loose balls and hitting shots in the lane. Didn’t connect enough from outside, though.


Energy? Check. Rebounding? Check. But wow, is he nonexistent otherwise, and it becomes more and more glaring each game. His struggles defending talented & long post players were on full display, and he airballed a three-pointer. Yes, Reggie Evans. Airballed. A. Three. Pointer.

Mirza Teletovic POWER FORWARD

Forget scoring for a second — Teletovic came up with key plays all over the floor, including: breaking down a defender off the dribble and finding Andray Blatche for a dunk, picking up a key steal and setting a solid screen that led to an open Deron Williams 3, and moving quickly in and out of offensive space to keep the floor balanced. Then when you add in his late-shot heroics — a three and a two back-to-back to put the Nets up 5? Really enjoyed his contributions tonight.


Coninued his red-hot shooting with Joe Johnson sidelined.


  1. And the Nets fail once again to surpass the Knicks in relevance. This is not New Jersey where middling records are okay because nobody cares. You are in the big time now and you need to start playing like it. Otherwise, the Barclay Center will be empty in about 10 years.

          1. Could be because Nets have played 3 more home games than Knicks. NBA attendance goes by attendance per game

  2. Not even going to blame D-Will for that last play.

    I was watching the Spurs-GSW game a few days ago, the Spurs were down two, very similar situation to what the Nets were in. They come out of the timeout and Duncan gets the ball at the high post and feeds to a cutting Ginobili for a wide-open layup. Parker didn’t even touch the ball.

    We don’t have a professional coach. I am resigned to this being a fact. He has no plays for close games. He’s lucky he has Joe Johnson because if he didn’t this team might not be over .500. ISO-Deron, ISO-Joe. No need for a clipboard. Disgraceful.

    Oh yea — #STARTMIRZA

    1. Give me a break, don’t blame PJ for Deron’s huge f-up. Anyway, they never should have been in that position, the blown call on D-Will’s drive the previous possession was one of the worst calls I have ever seen.

      1. Oh. I shouldn’t blame a coach for telling his PG with severely sprained ankles to try and drive past the best perimeter defender in the league and go into the teeth of Marc Gasol to try and finish a layup? Oh.

        Should I also not blame him for sitting his only all-star down the stretch?

        1. Brook sat, rightfully, because he was stinking up the court and Andray was playing well. Blatch sparked the comeback/go ahead in the fourth and played good defense/grabbed key rebounds. Why should he have been taken out?

          And don’t give me this ‘Deron’s ankles’ crap, a max contract player like Deron needs to make something happen at the end of the game, not give the ball away. He needs to go, plain and simple. It will never happen, though.

            1. Deron Williams started the year off terrible. Shot poorly, complained every play, hung his head and showed no energy. He’s still not 100% but he’s much better and the team is improving with his leadership.

              This IS pj Carlisemos fault. Reggie Evans shouldn’t be starting. I don’t care if brook Lopez is 0-20 he should finish games. There should be more pick and rolls and dwill making decisions. Let ur damn veterans play and get out and run and not run ur pathetic half court defense. Lotta ppl criticize Brooklyn “Iso” play but it only looks like that bc any team with half a defense can stop pj’s pathetic plays. Then the nets have to really on an ISo to finish the half court set.

              Even the nets wins are bailouts. The coaching on this team is a damn shame.

  3. Two comments-

    1. Can somebody show me where in the rulebook it says Andray Blatche and Brook Lopez can’t play at the same time? Brook needs to be on the floor and Dray is clearly our 2nd best big right now.

    2. I was impressed with Mirza’s defense tonight. He blew up a ton of pick-and-rolls by jumping out on the ball handler, and matched Marc Gasol physically when he had that assignment.

    1. I’d like to see hump as the starting four for now and have Mirza prove himself on a consistent basis (defense, boards, communication, etc) If that works out I agree he could be our starter.

      Just pleAse get Evans out of the starting lineup. And as much as I love crash he is obsolete on offense. At least with pj’s idiotic coaching