Gerald Wallace: “My confidence is totally gone”

Gerald Wallace

Gerald Wallace (AP)

In an interview with Tim Bontemps of the New York Post, Brooklyn Nets forward Gerald Wallace admits that his confidence is totally gone, and that he feels he’s lost the confidence of his teammates and coaching staff.

“My confidence is totally gone,” Wallace said in his interview with the Post, posted this morning. “I’m just at the point now … I’m in a situation where I feel like if I miss, I’m going to get pulled out of the game, you know what I’m saying? So my whole concept is just that you can’t come out of the game if you’re not missing shots.

“I think I lost the confidence of the coaching staff and my teammates. So my main thing is those guys can score, so instead of thinking about it so much, just trying to focus on defense, try to move the ball and get those guys shots.”

Looking at Wallace’s shot chart on the season, it’s not hard to see how he may have lost his confidence:

The only spot on the floor Wallace is shooting even respectably from is the right wing 3, on a mere 34 attempts. On the season, Wallace shoots just 50.8% in the restricted area — almost 6% below the league average.

Wallace did not attempt a shot in 31 minutes against the league-worst Charlotte Bobcats Saturday night. He was fouled on one layup attempt in the first quarter. It was the first time in his career that he played more than 20 minutes and not attempted a field goal. He did finish the game with five assists, but conveyed a palpable lack of desire to shoot.

Wallace is averaging 8.1 field goal attempts and 3.4 free goal attempts per 36 minutes, both career lows. He is shooting an even 40% from the field, also a career low, and just 33.8% (14.9% from 3) since the All-Star break. His shot chart since then is even worse than the one above:

Even those right wing 3’s have stopped falling.

Wallace, who was drafted in 2001 and is in the first of a four-year deal worth $40 million, admits that this is a new situation for him.

“I’ve never been in a situation where the coaching staff didn’t have confidence in me and my teammates didn’t have confidence in me.”

Full interview below.

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  1. Talk to Jason Kidd, he learned to become a better spot up shooter as he aged.

    If Wallace could shoot 35% from three his value to the team would sky-rocket.

    1. Or possibly, the coaching staff stops trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and realizes that A) the guy can’t shoot from three and B) his confidence is shot.

      What happened to playing him at the 4? PJ has yet to do it.

      If you watch his highlights from POR and CHA, he gets a ton more post-ups against smaller defenders and does a lot more cutting, slashing.

      I’ve never seen a team where so many players have lost their confidence.

  2. With the way this team is coached, Wallace would be better utilized with the second unit. Watson and Brooks seem more prone to pushing the ball and creating turnovers. Wallace would fit in on both accounts and also help with ball distribution since Watson doesn’t do too much of that. Bogans and his corner threes help the first team, so the switch seems logical to me. One guy making 12 million already has been sent to the bench, so why not a guy making 10 million?

  3. Totally agree with NJBK44– he needs to be with the 2nd unit.

    Also, he’s clearly hurt, and it looks a lot like Deron’s troubles– no hops. Why do the Nets allow this sort of thing to go on for far too long? When the coaching staff gets canned they can take the trainers with them….

  4. Since the first round is against the Bulls, you should not have any confidence of escaping it. Thibideau has taken three of four games with ridiculously undermanned rosters against the Nets. Outcoaching Avery once, and PJ three times. The Nets’ talent has been immensely superior everytime the two teams have taken the floor. The game the Nets did win was hard-fought with Boozeer and Noah out of the lineup. Both will be there for the playoffs, and God forbid they have D-Rose. I will go to at least one of the playoff games and root my ass off for the Nets, but my hopes are not high. I will take comfort in knowing a coaching change is on the horizon though.