Video: Did Gerald Wallace Flop? And Are The Nets The Floppiest Team In The NBA?

The Brooklyn Nets have gotten their fair share of criticism for not having a “pulse,” a tangible passion or emotional directive that guides the team’s philosophy. Unfortunately, the thing that might connect the team most consistently is the one you’d hope to avoid: flopping.

Watch this video closely: it appears that Gerald Wallace flails his head back in an exaggerated motion a split second after the initial contact in Wallace’s chest from Nazr Mohammad.

That may have been a direct reaction to the contact, but to me it seems flop-ish.

Wallace, teammate Reggie Evans, and teammate C.J. Watson have already received warnings from the league for flopping; Wallace and Evans in particular already have two warnings and have each been fined $5,000 by the league for flops. No other team has a pair of teammates that have been fined, and no other team has three players that have been warned for flopping under the NBA’s new anti-flop measures introduced this season.

Flop or no flop?


  1. The league has to realize that sometimes what a player is doing is actually illegal but it doesn’t get called by the book. Many times a defensive player ‘flops’ just to show the refs something that they aren’t calling. I wouldn’t fine them for it. Other times they do deserve it (Reggie’s deserved his fine for sure). But Crash is reacting to a forearm near his neck…that is a legitimate foul.