Gerald Wallace fined $5,000 by NBA for flopping

The Brooklyn Nets: First in Flop.

Gerald Wallace has been fined $5,000 by the NBA for violating the league’s anti-flopping policy for the second time. Wallace, who is incurring his second flopping violation, was fined for an excessive flail-back flop on LeBron James near the end of the third quarter of Saturday night’s 102-89 loss to the Miami Heat.

You can see video of the flop here.

Wallace is the second NBA player to get hit with a fine for flopping — the first his teammate, Reginald “Reggie” “Flail Boy Magic Mr. Floptastic” Evans.


  1. Until this starts costing them games (which I don’t even think is clearly defined in the flopping rules?), I couldn’t care less.

    I’m sure the league is being harder on players early in the season to set a precedent.

    1. I don’t even think that the league really cares about the flopping. I doubt that any players actually pay these fines. To me, it’s just more of a “for show” type of thing, maybe just a quirk to draw more interest in the league?