Gerald Wallace calls last night’s loss “typical Nets basketball”

Gerald Wallace, LeBron JamesAngry after the third consecutive double-digit loss to the Miami Heat this season, Brooklyn Nets forward Gerald Wallace sounded off about his team’s lack of cohesiveness against the best team in the NBA, calling it “typical” and an ass-kicking.

“It’s typical Nets basketball,” Wallace said after the game. “We don’t play together, turnovers and we don’t execute offensively and defensively.”

The Nets have yet to lose to a team under .500 this season, but have a sub-.500 record against winning teams and have lost their three games to Miami by an average of 21 points.

“We didn’t actually lose in those games,” Wallace continued, “we got our asses kicked in all three games. They dominated us. Any sport you measure yourself against the champions and it’s been embarrassing all three times.”

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  1. as sad as that comment is its 100% true the nets need to learn to play as a team but we cant expect them to automatically click after all there is 8
    new players on the nets added this offseason

  2. not to encourage in-fighting, but gerald wallace can’t make a layup for his life, let alone a jump shot. these things need to be handled in-house. and evans needs a gag order. while i have a forum, though, some things that are driving me crazy about this team:

    1. it’s obvious that the 4 is killing the nets. king needs to trade for a backup 7 footer (dalembert, mozgov, darko, etc.) and start blatche @ 34+ minutes per game as the power forward. i don’t care about the hump/evans/teletovic log jam, they can figure that out later.

    2. without a trade, evans needs to return to the second team. while hump has been frustrating, at least he plays real defense. all evans does is waive a hand at a shooter and get in early position for a rebound… and he can’t put an offensive board in the basket for his life. half of those boards become turnovers. also, while hump’s offensive game has diminished, it’s 1000x better than evans.

    3. wallace needs to be used as a cutter, not a spot up shooter. as a matter of fact, start him at the 4, move johnson to the three and marshon to the 2. johnson can’t stick with younger 2’s anymore, and his game will still be a mismatch for 3’s like pierce. and i’d rather have marshon trading baskets with the opposing 2’s, than what bogans provides.

    4. take care of the damn ball and execute! it’s like they’re not even paying attention out there sometimes. just compete like it’s a next game at the Y! so frustrating…

  3. For Wallace to have the nerve to spout off about losing is hilarious. He has absolutely NO offensive game. They’re paying him $10 MILLION DOLLARS and he can barely score 8pts a game.

    What happened to his offensive game?? He used to know how to shoot. If he wants to win games so bad, put some points on the board! That’s what wins games -POINTS!

    As for PJ… new coach, same dumb system. Sit a player who can give you 14pts and 11 ‘bounds per game (Hump), and replace him with a player who gives you zero points per game (Evans). Evans is a good rebounder, but it’s POINTS that wins games.