Game 1 in Brooklyn? HEAT.

So, Stefan Bondy from the New York Daily News sent this tweet out:

And that is pretty exciting.

Bondy also sent out some more schedule notes, which consist of:

As of right now, we know that the Nets will be opening their season against the Cavs in Cleveland in a date before November 1, and then the home opener against the Heat on November 1. It’s sort of weird that all these schedule leaks are coming out. “Tentatively” is an odd word to describe schedules.

There are a few more schedule leaks out there on the web, but I don’t want to advertise them because I have no idea where they are coming from.

We’ll know very soon if Brooklyn can keep up with the defending champs.


  1. Wow. I feel a little like they could have saved that game for a little later in the season. But it makes my scheduling a little easier. GF was promised Heat game this season and opening night was a given as well. So there you go. While the Barclay Center was pretty packed last season, I expect tickets to be actually hard to come by this season. And that will especially be the case if the Knicks flop hard (which I’m expecting, I don’t think the Knicks are making playoffs unless tanking gets so bad that 38 wins still gets you in the playoffs) and the Nets become the only game in town.