#FreeMirza: Mirza’s First-Half Highlights

Posted on: February 17th, 2013 by Devin Kharpertian Comments

Brooklyn Nets forward Mirza Teletovic hasn't had the smoothest road in the NBA: in 53 games, Teletovic has logged spotty playing time, punctuated with similarly inconsistent play. But when he's on, he's on. Check out his full highlight reel from the first half of the season, complete with insane fallaway shots, rhythmic spot-up threes, and SKY MIRZA.


  1. avatar Max Weisberg says:

    C’mon…guy’s a bust.

    Those video’s must be edited because there’s no way he could actually do all those things.

    1. avatar DWILL-of-the-GODZ says:

      He shooting 100% in this hightlight video yet he is below 36% on the season.

      Mirza is an EL BUSTO

    2. He is an bust ??? You wouldn’t survive a day what he survived years back where he came from. He can shoot the ball perfectly fine is that there isn’t enough white guys on the nets team to make the right decision and actually pass him the mall and he is an bust just like Lin but look at Lin at the Rockets. Same shit different team NYC sucks in sports period

      1. avatar Max Weisberg says:

        I was joking. I like Mirza a lot.

    3. avatar ab says:

      The video of Mirza airballing 3 straight shots must be edited, no way anyone can do that, let alone the great Mirza.

      1. avatar DWILL-of-the-GODZ says:

        It was 4 in a row

  2. give this guys minutes!!!! what do they have to lose? he can cleary shoot the ball and whenever he plays he always brings energy and hustle. they can’t find 10 mins a night for this guy??

    1. avatar DWILL-of-the-GODZ says:


      What do they have to lose? IDK things like games and playoff positioning. HE clearly CANT shoot the ball. He is shooting 35.7% FG on the season. In case you dont know, that’s clearly not very good.

      1. avatar jdunkftw says:

        And he sucks on defense. Getting better, but still probably the worst defender on the team.

      2. avatar HarisB says:

        He just need more minutes guys, last season he averaged 43.4% fg% and 43.1% behind the line. He was leading scorer in europe man.

  3. avatar ab says:

    People’s infatuation with this guy is beyond ridiculous.

  4. avatar HarisB says:

    In last season in Spain, Mirza averaged :

    PPG : 21.7 (also leading scorer in Europe :3)
    RPG : 6.1
    APG : 1.2
    BPG : 1.0
    SPG : 0.5
    FG% : 43.4%
    3Pt FG% : 43.1%