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    After seeing the offense look downright pathetic over the past few weeks, what does everyone think of starting Blatche at the 4 alongside Lopez?  I think that both of them starting would really create matchup problems for other teams.  How many other teams can truly defend the 2 of them?  If our offense plays disciplined enough, we could get a ton of high percentage FG attempts with both of them on the court.

    I understand the hestitation because Andray has been great off the bench, but there are too many times where both our starters and bench are struggling offensively.  If the concern is that the bench will lose too much offense, then play Mirza and Marshon (one can shoot and the other can create) more.

    Even if we start the 2 of them together, PJ can always devise a way to sub out Blatche 8 minutes into the game (similar to Johnson) so that he can play with the 2nd unit during the second quarter.  However, I believe that in crunch time having Evans on the court is too much of an offensive liability, especially with the decline in Gerald Wallace’s offensive skills.


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