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    I’m asking Net fans that are knowledgeable of  the NBA, and have been following the NBA for more than eighteen years, how far can this Nets team go with the team they have now.

    Praying for injuries to players of other teams (which I do often) doesn’t count.


    First, I love the qualifying statement you made lol.  Hmm, I may be optimistic but I think if they can get the second or third seed and avoid a first-round matchup with the Heat, the Conference Finals are totally within the realm of possibility.  There is no Eastern Conference team, besides Miami and apparently Milwaukee, that they match up poorly with.  So it’s a testament to being a solid team but also playing in the weaker conference.  In the West I’d say they’re a first-round exit, but in the East their ceiling is Miami’s sacrificial lamb in the ECF.  Boston doesn’t scare me now that Rondo is out.  Philly with Bynum could be a tough out.  Chicago with Rose would definitely be a tough out.

    I know there are a lot of panicky fans here that want to trade every player, but we don’t need to make a panic move.  I’m even fine with standing pat this trade deadline.  Although there are some nice names available and we need an upgrade at the 4.

    What say you, Duffman?


    Not looking for a trade, although Nets are in serious need of a backup PG.

    I want to see Mirza, Toko and Marshon to  get minutes other than garbage time.

    I want Stackhouse  to not play again this season.

    I want the Nets to get the ball up the court (much) more quickly.

    I want to see Deron take the ball to the rack more often and stronger.

    I want to see more ball movement on offense.

    I want the Nets to get back on defense

    I want to see the Nets play defense more intensely.

    And I want Crash to spend more time on the bench if he doesen’t pick up his game.

    Omar Nunez

    I’ve just about had it with Evans in the starting lineup. The guy is a great hustle and rebounding player, but his liability as a scorer allows opposing defenses to continuously “pack in the lane”. The combination of Evans and Wallace is supposed to give the Nets a defensive and rebounding edge while sacrificing offense. Well, (as expected) they’re sacrificing offense with Evans’ inability to finish at the rim and Wallace’s inability to consistently knock down the open jumpers, but they’re also inexplicably getting pounded on the boards and allowing all kinds of points in the paint. How?

    When D-Will does a pick & roll with Evans, he is double-teamed 100% of the time because Evans doesn’t have the ability to make a 10-15 ft jumper, drive to the basket from that distance, or even finish at the rim consistently to deter the defense from double-teaming. When you combine this with the fact that the opposing defense can also cheat off rotations using Wallace’s defender, it means that the lane is full of ball hawks and people taking charges waiting for Lopez, JJ, or D-Will to make a move.

    The Nets absolutely, have to get Kris Humphries back in the starting lineup. Evans might be a smarter defender, but (physically) Humphries is a much more versatile and dynamic one. In addition, you don’t lose much (if anything) in the rebounding department, with Humphries over Evans. Where the Nets truly benefit is offensively; floor spacing and finishing is very important at the PF position for the Nets, since they don’t get much spacing or consistent scoring from Wallace at SF.

    In my opinion, the Nets should be running the following units; Humphries and Wallace starting at the forward spots, Evans coming in only when the Nets are running 3 guards together (such as D-Will/Watson, JJ/Brooks, and Bogans/Stackhouse). The other time Evans would be effective, is with Teletovic playing at SF. However, only when the opposing SF isn’t too much of a quickness mismatch for Teletovic. All these units will work with Evans, but having him out there with Wallace is detrimental to the team’s success.


    Don’t think the Nets will get out of the 1st round of the playoffs. I wouldn’t be surprised if they missed the playoffs altogether after a collapse after the all star break.

    Here’s why:

    1. pj carlisemo is overrated. he’s just a less stubborn version of avery johnson. ISO slow-ball isn’t going to work against teams with great defense and pj is too god damn stubborn to realize it. players got no freedom to run. u got dwill who was considered a top 3 PG just a couple of years ago but he dribbles the ball up the court and passes it to the wing. EVERY POSSESSION. like a back-up PG.

    Let your damn veterans play. Let them run. Let D-will read the defense and make plays.

    2. Reggie Evans is great energy but not a starter. The ball stops moving on offense because of him and his help defense and individual defense is average. Play Humphries who is more well rounded and gives dwill another pick n roll/pick n pop option. maybe give teletovic an opportunity if he can prove himself.

    3. No heart. Dwill complains with the refs every call. Dwill hangs his head and never chases balls. Gerald Wallace just looks pissed off all the time. Marshon Brooks and Andray Blatche are streaky then look like they don’t know what sport they are playing. Nobody dunks. Nobody gets the crowd going. Boring. Heartless. Leaderless.


    I think moral is down on the team. Everyone is down because their best player and leader is hurt and gutting his way through a miserable season. Wallace is p-eed off that he is on a team where basically no one plays defense and he has to cover up for everyone. Marshon is p-eed off that he doesn’t get minutes. Everyone is a little confused about what Reggie is doing on the court. Hump is p-eed off that he doesn’t get to sleep with Kim Kardashian anymore (at least I assume so, for whatever you may think of her and her lifestyle, I think you have to recognize that she is fine) and she made him look foolish and like a jerk. Also that his nickname is Hump. Joe Johnson is like, “I’m too old for this sh!t.” And then he has to bail out the team again with another fourth quarter ISO play. So he is p-eed off. Basically only two guys are having good seasons, Lopez and Blatche. And they both are playing the same position.

    Also the expectations are way too high. To go from the basement of the league to fourth or fifth seed in one season is a nice move for a franchise. Getting the fourth seed should be viewed as a major accomplishment for any team in its first season together.

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