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    Justin Salkin

    Here are some of the issues I see with this year’s Nets:

    1) Joe Johnson, in my opinion, is aiming his shot. Perhaps he is trying to fit in and isolate less than he did in Atlanta because he has Deron and Brook with him. Check this video out (and more are out there on youtube): he loves to shake and bake and plays off instinct: uses his body to get his shot. But right now, he is aiming his shot, trying to fit in a little too much.

    2) Deron is shooting WAY too may threes. If you compare his Utah and NJ/Brooklyn numbers the spike in threes stand out. Last year I attributed this to the roster, and his forcing things. But with this team I’d like more of working the offense and clock and less of Deron hoisting. I wonder if this has happened because with all Billy and Avery invested in him, he has cart blanche.


    3) MarShon and Mirza: In my view, MarShon and Mirza have more talent than Bogans, Childress, and Stackhouse. Nevertheless, they are not getting playing time and this is on them. MarShon can be a good defender as a long and athletic guy. He just gets lost way too often on defense. He just needs to focus more on D, and let the O come to him. As for Mirza, I wonder if he is pressing, or struggling with NBA athletes. Regardless, if he can get playing time he gives the Nets a dimension from 3 that they do not have right now.


    What does everyone else think?



    Taylor Made

    Mirza bulked up for the NBA game this summer.  The problem is that all that extra muscle affected his shot.

    MarShon, I think, needs to earn his minutes with defense.  Everyone knows he can score and if he shows in practice that he can defend as well, then Avery will start playing him.

    Max Weisberg

    There is no valid way to tell that Joe Johnson is “aiming” his shot. He’s just missing. He’s gotten tons of open looks and has just missed them. Who knows what it is, but theres just no way to tell that he’s aiming his shot.

    As for Mirza and Marshon, these guys can’t defend. And it’s not like the Nets have an issue with offense. They have some potent offensive threats, right now, Avery is just looking for defense.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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