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    Dan Fitzpatrick

    NO NO NO I hate this guy I don’t want him let the Lakers or the Mavs have him.  Keep Bropez.

    Tim Ryan

    I hope they dont get involved in this nonsense Brook is having a career year and believe it or not is having a significantly better season that Dwight. Unless by some crazy idiotic trade on the lakers part where we dont have to include lopez (which wouldn’t happen) i would not even take a glimpse at the ailing Howard. He blew his chance when he waved his ETA so let him suffer in lakerland.


    Proky likes those big name players

    Max Weisberg

    Fair stance. (Wouldn’t have said that a couple months ago.)

    PJ Velez

    Dwight is proving to be a nightmare.  And he’s hurt again.  So you can’t really discuss picking him up at this time.


    I hope Mikhail sees how well our team is performing now and doesn’t keep trying to get Dwight.  His money would be better spent working with Lopez on defense and becoming more aggressive.  We have all the star power we need, and I really think Brook Lopez is on his way to becoming a star.  Let the team develop!

    Sheldon Lee


    First of all, I understand that D12 took a major PR hit in Orlando when trying to leave. But that was Orlando’s ownership fault for breaking their promise to Dwight, to trade him to a team of his destination for parts in return. He could’ve just walked out like LeBron and left them with nothing, but instead he signed that 1-year extension making him a free-agent in 2013as oppose to last year; looking out for the team’s best interest instead of his…smh. This was Dwight’s only bad move.

    I hope this gets back to Billy King & Nets ownership because I’m going to give you 10 reasons why the Nets would be better off with D12 on their squad.

    1. D12 is hands down the best center in the NBA. The Lakers knew this. That’s why they traded Andrew Bynum (the 2nd best big man in the game) for D12. LA knew that Bynum was a top tier big man, but Dwight is “better”. They traded away a #2, for a #1. In other words, they saw this as an opportunity to upgrade and they did.

    2.D12 is relentless on defense. Dwight doesn’t take a night off on the defensive. 4 times defensive player of the year and would’ve won it for a fifth time in a row of he didn’t get hurt.  He’s every team’s dream.

    3.Star Power- D12 is an NBA superstar! In 2011, ESPN ranked him as the 2nd best player in the league behind Lebron, in 2012, he was ranked 3rd behind Kevin Durant & LeBron. D12 as a brand is “Blockbuster”; Barclays Center would be sold out to see NYC stars D.Will, Joe Cool, Crash & D12. The team will be the talk of the town and not the Knicks anymore. D12’s name will bring fans from the Knicks to the Nets because of his star power, smile, and marketability. Brook Lopez doesn’t have that cache.

    4. Lopez scores, but that’s about it. The Nets have enough scorers. Lopez doesn’t bring what D12 can brings to a franchise. D12 scores about the same, but averages more rebounds, blocks, and plays with more emotion and heart. These are things we’ve been trying to get out of Lopez for a while now, but he’s too much of a “nice-guy” to get up in somebody’s face, block, dunk or foul hard and stare them down. He just doesn’t have the “Brooklyn” personality to match the team. He’s a West Coast, laid back kind of dude.

    5. Dwight “wants” to be here. He’s tried to come here to Brooklyn on many occasions; but was screwed over by Orlando. Stephen A. Smith has said this past summer that Brooklyn was Dwight’s 1st, 2nd, & 3rd choice. He’ll embrace Brooklyn, and we’ll embrace him.

    6. Championship. If we really want to win the whole thing, D12 has to be on this squad. The best center coupled with arguably the best point guard in the league is a blueprint for success. We’ll be strong where Miami is weak! D12 has already lead a mediocre Orlando team to the NBA Finals against Kobe & the Lakers. Imagine what he can do with this team?

    7. D12 is a physical specimen. He’s 6’11 260lbs of pure muscle. He runs like a deer and can jump out the gym and a lot more durable than Lopez who is an injury waiting to happen. What more can you ask for?

    8. If you really want to make a statement as an organization, if you want to take over the town and have NYC scream Nets as oppose to Knicks, this move with do so. The Knicks are no match for this squad in Brooklyn if D12 is here. The Knicks have the personality on their roster with Carmelo, J.R. and Rasheed, but with D12 as a Net, we’ll rule the back pages and rule on the court as well.

    9. He brings celebrity status that can be marketed off the court with his cool & funny personality and smile. He’ll quickly become the face of this franchise and a stable in the NYC celebrity arena.

    10. It makes sense. Just like how it made sense for L.A. to trade the 2nd best big man in the league for the 1st, it would make for the Nets to acquire D12 in a trade because that would be a significant upgrade for reasons on and off the court.  If he’s  not winning in L.A. with that team with Kobe, Gasol, Metta & Nash, do you think he’ll win when those 4 guys are gone? D’Antoni can only coach a certain style of player: shooters. The Nets can offer L.A. shooters, young legs, and offensive minded center in Brook Lopez (which D’Antoni would love) & future picks for D12. D12 said he wont sign an extension unless he sees the progress of this season. Well, it aint working out in L.A. They will not make the playoffs after championship expectations; so sad.  So why won’t L.A. just swallow their pride and get back a quality big man in Brook for D12. If D12 walks this summer, he’s going to either ATL (his hometown) or Dallas alongside Dirk & O.J. Mayo. D12 needs to tell LA he’s not coming back for him to wine up in Brooklyn, U.S.A.

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