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    Max Weisberg

    Avery’s not a terrible coach like many think. But I think there are a bunch of things that are limiting the Nets’ success:

    1) Avery’s inability to adapt

    Many say that Avery likes to micro-manage the game. In this horrid month of December we’ve seen that this is true. There is simply not enough freedom in this offense for some supremely talented offensive player to take advantage of. It’s OK to run “your” sets, but as we’ve seen over the years with Avery at the helm, the PG does not flourish no matter how talented. (See Devin Harris, now Deron Williams). You cannot keep the offense so rigid. He’s just got too much offensive firepower to not take advantage of. All great coach’s have “their” system and “their” sets. But nearly every one of them must adapt to the personnel they have on the floor. The thing with the Nets this month is that Avery’s offense seems to work well in the first half, where teams are basically getting their first look at it live. Then in the second half, teams start to figure out what is going on and they stop it. If Avery let his plethora of talent have more freedom, teams will not be able to stop them because of pure talent advantages

    2) Failure to get on his players when necessary

    Deron Williams has signed. There is no need to kiss his feet or treat him in a similar way in which you would handle an explosive that could be set off any moment. Deron Williams has not preformed this season. Not just shooting the ball either. He has failed to preform on and off the court. When a player makes such excuses like Deron has made, doesn’t play much defense, and continues to come up small in key situations, it’s probably time to start lighting a fire under his behind and try to get him to play a little more motivated and passionate. I’m not saying Deron’s struggles are on Avery completely, but the way that Avery has handled Deron’s awfulness and attitude this season, simply screams that he is a coach who is trying not to step on anyones feet in order to remain with the Nets organization in the future.

    3) Failure to correct mistakes

    The Nets are the worst third quarter team in the NBA. Deron Williams is a minus 73 in during the month of December and the Nets defense has been at its absolute worst when Kris Humphries and Deron Williams are on the court together. Avery must develop a consistent rotation and he cannot allow the same thing to keep happening every single game; the third quarter/second half collapses. Change something, correct something, do whatever you have to do to stop this trend. But once again, this rigidness and micro-management style has contributed greatly to this demise.

    Its not all on Avery of course. He probably deserves most of the blame but not all of it. Part of it is on management for not giving Avery some personnel that fits what Avery wants to do (or if you can’t do anything about the personnel, then you should’ve hired a different coach who fits with this group). Part of it is on the player for not bringing a consistent energy to each game and not making their shots (yes, you Deron Williams). But overall players don’t change their style and coach’s often are left with that that responsibility. We’ve heard some of the players sound off already, and from the comments¬†Avery made today, it’s starting to sound like he really feels his seat is starting to get hot. Again, not all of it is on Avery, but in this league, the players almost always win, and the coach’s almost always lose in these situations. We’ll see how the team responds and what type of improvements they make from these couple days of practice, but if things continue on this downward slide, I expect a change very, very soon.

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