1. Definitely sour grapes, although there have been some Knick fans trolling around Net forums of late. Did anyone watch the game? Yeah it was sloppy but Joe Johnson and CJ Watson essentially won the game. Joe Johnson got a lower grade than Brook Lopez in street clothes. That must have been some suit Shengalia had on!

  2. Let’s see: we were playing the worst team in the league. Half of their decent players were out. Even then, we only won by canning a high % of our 3s.
    The grades seem, on average, fair.

  3. At least they got the W. every team will have ugly wins. Did anyone see the Heat beat the Spurs JV squad? How did Joe Johnson end up with a C? I don’t know, I should stay away from these grade forums. They’re getting a little silly. Good grade for Shengalia. He had a good game.