Embarrassing: Sixers 106, Nets 97 (Game Grades)

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Can’t pin this loss on Williams — he was as bad defensively as everyone else, but a sublime offensive performance that saw Williams attacking the rim even more, hitting threes, finding teammates for open shots (particularly in the first quarter)… He can’t do it alone, but for a moment, he gave it a shot.


Hit two threes in the first quarter but was mostly quiet until the fourth (outside of one ridiculous post-up fadeaway in the third quarter), when he took over for a brief stretch of possessions to help keep the game close. Hit a big 3 late, but followed it up with two misses, including a 28-foot ill-advised brick. Incredibly efficient offensive game, but his impact only went so far.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

I’ve criticized Wallace’s inability to score before, and tonight was no exception, but sat the whole fourth quarter while the Sixers rained baskets and I’m not sure why.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Hit jumpers early, including two nutso fadeaways, but had trouble keeping up with Spencer Hawes — Spencer Hawes! — running the floor and the pick-and-roll. Defensive abhorrence aside, after a 7-9 first quarter, Lopez got just four more field goal attempts. It’s a problem.


Yeah, not his best night.


On back-to-back plays, Reggie Evans scored with his left hand off a spin move and hit a sixteen-foot jumper. That should give you an idea of how relatively absurd tonight’s Reggie Evans show was. And it wasn’t all good; Evans’s night was marred by careless turnovers, poor shot selection (which is most shots for Evans), and a terrible play near the end of the game where he goaltended a Spencer Hawes shot after freezing at the top of the key that Hawes was fouled on, leading to a pointless and-one. It may be time for the “glue Kris Humphries to the bench” experiment to end.


  1. – Oh god, Mirza was so invisible he didn’t even get a grade…

    – Another note: Nets gave up the #6 pick (rookie of the year) for G-Wallace AND dumper $40 million into his lap for him to miss every shot he takes and sit in the 4th quarter every game. Sad.

    – What do you know: PJ lied again…Marshon got just over 2 minutes.

  2. Blatche should be fined 5,000 dollars every time he takes a shot from outside of 5 feet.

    It’s infuriating watching Lopez shred a defense, only to sit for the first half of the 2nd quarter, regardless of what happens. PJ’s shift changes are maddening. If they had a bench that could hold a lead, that’s fine, but they don’t. The offense works so well when it’s funneled through Lopez, but it seems like after the first quarter, they switch up their gameplan without fail so Deron can run through screens while everyone else just stands there and the defense knows where the ball is going.

    I cringe every time Gerald Wallace takes a jumper, it’s infuriating that we’re stuck with him. His effort is great but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him miss 6 layups in the past 3 games.

  3. Regarding Hawes, he is Lopez’s nightmare, as far as matchups go.

    Do anyone of you guys actually observe the game as it is being played? Or do you just depend on highlights and stats?

    1. To WynnDuffy,

      i agree -the writers appear by what they write ,especially Maxie,to be complete stat boys!!doesnt seem that they actually see a game!
      in fact ,Maxie replied to me last week that Lopez is th best player on this team—hard to believe that he is serious–my suspicion is that Maxie is actually Lopez using a different pen name!!

      for a player to get whupped the way Lopez suffered to Hawes is a major statement that unless Lopez scores 30 points a game-otherwise he is just a major liability defensively!!
      every team knows this and the Nets will have a hard time sustaining any real winning streak because i dont think Lopez can improve from a quickness standpt. which is clear to the eye is his big problem!!

      unlike Maxie,i do not think Lopez is the best player on this team and that although stats show him as a good but not great offensive player-he plainly sucks on defense!!
      overall he is a decent player but someone who cannot be the cornerstone of a franchise that eventually wants to win a nba title

      1. Glad to see you learned how to use the reply button. I’m proud. Yet you STILL haven’t proven anything you’re saying.

        You want me to PROVE what I’m saying? Here:

        Lopez has the 4th best Defensive Rating rating of players with a minimum of 15 mpg. He has the 2nd best Net Rating of anyone on the team.

        But since you probably don’t know what those stats even mean, it’s not worth responding to your ignorant posts.

        But go ahead; PROVE TO ME WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. (And no, saying that “everyone in your section agrees” with you does not count as PROVING your claims).

        1. to stat boy,Maxie—-your write i cant prove it but neither can you!!

          let me ask you some things–the beat writers for the Nets-why do they attend games in person rather than being home watching the game
          the answer is alot more goes on than is seen on camera!!
          the FACT that you do nothing but quote useless stats AD NAUSEUM only proves that you do not attend games and you miss much of the reality
          the only thing i CAN prove is that you appear to be a moron!!

  4. I’m really baffled by the continued use of Evans. I’d rather see Mirza out there, even if he struggles at first. At least Mirza has upside. We already know we’re not going to get anything more out of Evans, so why not bring Evans in off the bench and let someone else start?

  5. I don’t really understand why Lopez sits so much in the fourth or also why he was so successful in the first quarter and not later. And in answer to Wynn, I only wanted the second half of the game. Blatche is quite good when he attacks the basket, but still you don’t know for sure that Blatche will do that.

    Wallace needs to start hitting some shots. Now since he takes mainly only quality looks, it looks worse than it is. But with the looks he is getting he should be hitting at much higher percentages than the average SF.

    Mirza needs to be on this chart and he needs to negged. His game was at least as bad as Wallace’s.

    Reggie was due for a stinker. He got his hands on a lot of rebounds that he didn’t come up with. And he clearly got fouled on that drive right before the goal tending possession. And I suspect the goal tended shot was going in anyway, Hawes had hit everything else he had put up tonight. I suspect he was going to hit the wide open layup that Reggie goal tended. It was a stupid play, but I don’t know if it cost us much.

    1. The answer as to why Lopez is so successful in the 1st and not afterwards lies in both the coaching and the quality of our front court. When Lopez is doing well, he’s working in 1 on 1 matchups. He has the talent for shooting (as illustrated tonight) as well as the talent for driving.

      The problem comes from PJ sitting him for 15 minutes (6 game minutes, 15 real minutes from the end of the 1st, timeouts, and fouls stopping the clock) as well as the fact that nobody is afraid to leave our SF’s and PF’s alone. Wallace can’t make anything that isn’t a layup (and sometimes not even that), Reggie cant shoot, Mirza can only hit 3’s (and only sometimes), and Andre Blatche is effectively useless when someone is stupid enough to give him the ball and let him put it on the floor so he can dribble twice and either hoist up a brick or have the ball stolen away. The doubleteam would work if anyone were frightened of a frontcourt player not named Brook Lopez.

  6. The worst part of this game was that Thad Young played 37 minutes and dominated our traditional PF’s.

    PJ did not use Wallace ONCE on Young. You need an example from this season as to why Carlesimo probably couldn’t even coach a high school team? That is it right there. Absurdity.