Embarrassing. Celtics 93, Nets 76

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Deron Williams is a maximum contract point guard and has shot over 50% twice this season through 27 games. He’s shooting under 40% on the season and since joining Brooklyn. He’s blamed the system and his body. At what point do we re-evaluate what type of player he is, and hope he adjusts to whatever he’s become since the trade?


Was a culprit for a few bad possessions in the second quarter that stagnated offensively, allowing the Celtics to take a double-digit lead. And the third quarter. And the fourth quarter…

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Scuffle on Christmas! Got into a tiff with Kevin Garnett after grabbing his shorts, presumably to stay standing, then got hit by a flagrant from Jared Sullinger on a fast break. Probably the most interesting part of this dull game. A quiet first half for Wallace due to foul trouble turned into a loud second, as Wallace attacked the basket with reckless abandon as perhaps the only player with fight.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Did some offensive heavy-lifting in the first quarter and fell apart shortly after. Caught a lot of flack from fans and writers aline for some particularly boneheaded, sad-looking plays, but didn’t look worse than any other member of this decrepit Brooklyn squad.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

Kind of unfortunate that Blatche, who’s been somewhat of a revenatlion this year, one of his worst game of the season on national television, reaffirming what his detractors already believe. Did enjoy brief moments of clarity defensively, followed by terrible stretches. No different from the rest of this roster.


Seven boards in 14 minutes seems a lot less nice accompanied with a -11 and poor defense.

Jerry Stackhouse SHOOTING GUARD

I want to drink out of whatever fountain Jerry Stackhouse uses.


  1. Embarrassing indeed. I believe I enjoyed watching the 12 win team more than watching this team.

    At least, thus far.

    And 12 win team at least seemed to have a future.

    From this team, I don’t get that feeling.

  2. Time to trade Wallace– he doesn’t deserve to be part of this shitshow fail parade. And extend Avery. And move the team back to the Izod.
    It’s all new!

  3. 82 games is a LOT, and it must be hard to get it going every night, and playing at noon might possibly throw one for a loop. That said, the word that comes to mind for Deron’s performance yesterday is “listless.” No spark. He hurt his arm again in the first half so maybe he’s playing hurt more than we realize, but based on the last two games he looks like the 3rd best PG in our division.

  4. Try not to over react so much folks. It was competitive through the first half. Avery is doing some odd stuff by deciding to go small and play guards at the forward spots, but he won’t do that forever.

    Also, Devin, don’t use +/- to evaluate a guy based on one game. Evans had a good game by rebounding like a demon in his limited minutes. If they had kept Reggie on the floor I guarantee Sullinger doesn’t get all those dunks. As for +/- it is a stat that is impacted by all ten players on the floor (i.e. each player on your team can score, and therefor give you a + or they can get scored on and give you a -). So each individual player only accounts for 10% of the +/- being recorded. So saying a guy is -11 in his few minutes isn’t fair as he only is 10% of that number, the other 9 guys on the court have just as much impact. Reggie shouldn’t have gotten a D+ when he rebounded at a rate that would have put him in the 20s if he had gotten starters minutes. That just can’t be a D+ grade.