Dwight Howard would still prefer Broo-BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

So hard to predict what Dwight Howard is going to do. He seemingly changed his mind every week last season. LA is just a great market for him. He’s going to get healthier. The keys to this team will be his soon. He still would prefer Brooklyn. He’s made that clear. But right now there is now(sic) clear path for him to get there. Dallas and Atlanta are both options, but not sure either team can offer him all of the non salary benefits the Lakers can.

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  1. I thought the article on ESPN.com about him going to Atlanta was interesting and from a basketball perspective makes sense, but I think Howard, and the modern-day athlete, cares more about simply basketball. Supposedly he wants to act after basketball.

    Although Brook’s injury makes me a little nervous, I do think it was a good non-trade. A lineup of Lopez-DWill-Johnson is better than Howard-DWill-Turkoglu/Morrow.

  2. Let’s review the ways in which Dwight Howard can get to Brooklyn from most likely to least likely:

    1. He demands a trade, Nets give Lakers Lopez, Humphries, Brooks, Bogdanovic and a gazillion draft picks.

    2. Dwight signs for the minimum with us this summer, only to be re-signed to a max deal using Bird Rights the summer after.

    3. The Oculus uses its special powers to teleport Dwight to Brooklyn.

    i.e.: Ain’t happening

  3. If I’m getting in bed in the future with either of these 2 assholes – Dwight/Lebron – it’ll be LeBron once he fails to win the title this year and the next 2 years, he opts out and has to decide between the LA market and the NY market and Billy will start dealing away Lopez for picks, Wallace, and Joe with a million picks to pave the way for Lebron signing and play with Deron.

    I hate them both right now and I laugh and Dwight for being stupid. But I’ll welcome LeBron with open arms if he wants to come on over.