Deron Williams Tried To Steal Something From A Child In The Middle Of A Game

As a child, young Deron Williams never had the luxuries that kids these days have. There were no iPods, no GameBoys, just basketballs. Luckily, it turned Deron Williams into one of the best point guards in basketball, but he still longs for those days he never had, when he can take a tiny electronic device and pour his mind into it. Luckily for this kid, he’s got serious survival instincts. I’m not sure what this kid was packing — and I don’t think Williams does either — but sometimes it’s just the mystery that gets you lost in the moment.

Once Williams remembered he was on national television by nature of his profession, as well as under the watchful eye of thousands of people in the arena he happened to be trying his thievery in, he relented and returned to the game as if nothing had happened. But we saw you, Deron. We saw.