Deron Williams sprains right ankle

Brooklyn Nets guard Deron Williams sprained his right ankle and suffered a bone bruise while working out at his Utah residence, but will be ready for training camp, according to the Brooklyn Nets. Williams was fitted for a walking boot.

Williams has had numerous problems with his ankles in the last year, saying that they “felt like s—“ and undergoing multiple cortisone and platelet-rich plasma treatments on both ankles. He was diagnosed with synovitis in February leading into the All-Star break, which prompted the plasma treatment.

The injury, though not serious, will almost assuredly keep Williams out of his DODGE BARRAGE Celebrity Dodgeball Tournament tomorrow, where he is scheduled to speak with the media.

The Nets begin training camp at Duke University on October 1st.


  1. This is pretty much the last thing a Nets fan wants to read.  That, or an injury to Brook’s foot.  Rest him, Rest him, Rest him.

  2. NJBK44 The one player IMO on this team that we have no backup for… Livingston playing starter’s minutes scares me, and I really believe TT is not a PG at heart… or head.

  3. NJBK44 he should’ve got surgery on the ankle last year.  It’s the same problem he said weight loss would help now he’s got a bone bruise and a sprained ankle.

  4. universalBDB NJBK44 You the same Universal that’s on ND ? …If so post more often over here…I feel like I’m Tom Hanks in that movie “Cast Away”, or maybe I should say I feel like Wilson the Soccer Ball.

  5. I think people are overreacting a bit, as of now. 
    He just needs to wear the boot and rest for these next two weeks, then, if he’s still not ready, he can just do light workouts with the team during training camp while continuing with the boot and rest. If he’s still not ready when they start playing preseason games, then he can just sit out while still participating in light workouts.
    The season opener isn’t for another six weeks. That’s plenty of time to rest up an apparently mild sprain.
    The ankle was a problem last year, yes, but a big part of it was the shape that he was in. He now seems to be in the best shape of his life, so I’m not too worried right now.

  6. M I K E universalBDB NJBK44 yeah got banned messing with NI and the other moderator thought I was talking about him. Maybe they’ll let me come back Idk..triple og how do you get back? Send an email?

  7. drago2715 Rest now won’t help that ankle in a month or so when he has to play every day.
    He didn’t have the surgery for w/e reason but it’s obvious he needs it. They should put his name on the trading block to let him know it’s not a game they’re serious.  Him being in shape don’t mean jack if he’s injury prone.  And he’ll struggle to stay in good shape if he can’t workout.

  8. universalBDB drago2715 The Nets play big money to doctors and trainers, and every player gets a physical after the season. If they didn’t think he needed surgery, then he didn’t need surgery. He’s the best player on the team and he’s the one player who you constantly see working out, so I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. 
    Brook Lopez was in a walking boot all summer. Where are the complaints about him?