Deron Williams Pre All-Star Break Highlights (VIDEO)

Deron Williams. As Justin DeFeo said plainly, Williams has had what you would call a “frustrating” season: the maximum-contract point guar has yet to perform to the lofty expectations set for him when the Nets dealt Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, and two first-round picks to acquire him in February 2011. Outside of some brief spurts of greatness, Williams has struggled to hit shots, with blame rotating from his many injuries to lack of rest to systemic issues and back.

That’s not to say that Williams has been a complete dud. The frustration only exists because his track record suggests that he can be better, and even considering… whatever it is that’s held him back, he’s still had some excellent moments. After the jump, check out two videos: the first a highlight mix of honorable mentions, and the second our list of D-Will’s top 10 highlights of the season. Enjoy!