Monday Shootaround: The Stack House, D-Will’s Issues On Both Ends

Some Nets news and notes from around the web:

  • The Classical’s wonderful “This Is Why We Watch” series delves into the mind and evolving career of Jerry Stackhouse. Great read.
  • Deron Williams says his problems shooting are mental. Unfortunately, his problems are seeping onto the opposite side of the floor as well; the Nets allow 14 more points per 100 possessions defensively when Williams is on the floor, by far the worst of any player on the roster.

  • Nets prospect Ilkan Karaman put down the Euroleague dunk of the night just before this weekend. Watch:
  • There’s something awfully Dwightmarish about a headline that reads “Nets need to find old magic.”


  1. I think that jerry stackhouse has been a big loss for this Nets team. We have missed his three-pointers and leadership on the floor. Deron Williams has been refinding his stroke from 3. He just needs to be more consitent on both ends of the floor. He has ran the offense pretty well. He has also been very good at defnese in this early season. He has been very unselfish this year. He knows that they don’t need him to score 30 a night. He knows that Brook can carry the team.