Comeback Blowout: Nets 99, Bobcats 78 (Game Grades)

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Started slow but began hitting shots and finding teammates in the third quarter, taking over as the Nets turned a ten-point halftime deficit into a commanding lead.


Johnson & Williams looked like Brooklyn’s backcourt, particularly in the second half — Johnson got open in the right spaces and hit his shots. Amazing what playing the Bobcats can do for you.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

If the object of basketball was anything but to score, Gerald Wallace would be this team’s best player. It’s impossible to question his effort or desire. But the constant stream of missed jumpers and layups is eternally frustrating. He did end the game with the highlight of the right, though, dunking on Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

Offensive struggles aside, it’s hard to discount his great job defensively tonight, most notably swatting away layups with emphasis at the rim.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Invisible in the first half, possibly by design — he barely touched the ball when he was on the floor — but got many more touches in the third and fourth quarter, and the lead bounced in favor of Brooklyn accordingly. Got the easy ones (open dunks created by Deron Williams) and the hard ones (a 22-footer, a fadeaway jumper that hit the front of the rim and bounced in).

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

Couple of fancy moves. More enjoyable than not.


When no one else was scoring in the first quarter, Bogans hit two threes. #RoleStarHipHop.


Under serious flak for his poor performance since the All-Star break, Evans put up a classic “Good Reggie” game — a few field goals, 16 rebounds, some floor-crashing and possession-busting, and one instance where he saved Ben Gordon’s life by directing Gerald Wallace away from him after Wallace felt he was intentionally fouled.

Mirza Teletovic POWER FORWARD

Got significant minutes now that Humphries is out of the rotation, and outside of an early three and some fancy passing, didn’t do much with them.


  1. You consider 12 minutes (the last 2 minutes in garbage time don’t count) to be significant for Mirza?

    1. He played the opening stretch normally reserved for Humphries. It was a significant change

      1. Mirza played fewer minutes tonight than he has in the past 3/4 games that’s the exact opposite of significant minutes.

        As usual PJ overplayed JJ and Dwill keeping them both in when the nets were up 15 with 5 left.

        1. You are misinterpreting the usage of the word “significant.” Or maybe I wasn’t clear enough. Either way

        2. Significant as in “minutes when the game was still in the balance” type of thing.

          His minutes have usually come as a “last resort” option for PJ when the team is losing in the second half.

          It’s just very frustrating that the dude can’t get a full game of being in the rotation to get a clear evaluation of him.

  2. Yes. This was a classic Reggie game. 16 boards in 28 minutes is dominate. That kept the Nets in it and then DWill and JJ got hot. That is why Reggie is in the lineup because he is supposed to compliment the high scoring guards and center. While Reggie hasn’t been great for the last month, before the All Star break we got one of those games every four or five games. Having your free agent journeyman PF basically win you a game every four or five nights seems darn good enough to me.

    And while I agree PJ overplayed DWill and JJ when the game was already done. You have to understand that coaches do that to reward players by giving them time to raise their Per Game stats and also to give them confidence by letting them wail on a weak team. You have to weigh that against the value of five more minutes of rest.

  3. And you cannot give G. Wallace a C+ rating on a night where he had five blocks and two steals. Your write up gets it, but your grade doesn’t. Scoring isn’t everything.

      1. But Bill Russell’s actions as a player said, “the game is about buckets, and making sure the opposition scores less buckets than your team does”.

  4. Our free agent journeyman PF does not win us games every four to five nights. He rebounds at the expense of playing help defense and even trying to resemble a threat on offense. There are certainly times when he is useful, but he would not start on any other team in the league. He deserves minutes, just not the Lion’s share of them, and certainly not at the expense of Humphries completely. Does anyone not think Humphries would have grabbed at least 12 rebounds against the Bobcats last night?