Mason Plumlee posterizes Tyler Zeller (HIGHLIGHT)

Sorry, Mr. Zeller — you’ve been posterized. It didn’t take long for Kevin Garnett to return the favor to Mason Plumlee from the behind-the-back gift he received earlier: with Plumlee camping out on the baseline, Garnett found the big man in time for him to slam it home over Tyler Zeller, who was merely collateral […]

Mason Plumlee goes behind-the-back for the assist (HIGHLIGHT)

Surprise! Just when the Nets offense begun to look stagnant, Mason Plumlee pulled some trickery with a pinpoint, behind-the-back pass to Kevin Garnett who promptly finished the transaction. The Nets have assisted on 11 of their first 14 field goals, despite struggling on offense in the first half with just 39 points. Garnett has played […]

Video: Joe Cool Does Joe Cool Things

1-22 from behind the arc? Not a problem for Joe Johnson. Johnson, known for his clutch play, hit two big threes to bring the Nets within two in Brooklyn’s loss to the Mavs. Jarrett Jack would later tie the game, and the Nets would lose in overtime. But let’s just relish is Joe being Joe.

Kevin Garnett blows in David West’s ear, draws shove & tech (VIDEO)

Kevin Garnett is notorious around the league for a defensive style that harasses and frequently irritates his opponents, but midway through the first quarter he took a page out of ex-Pacers guard Lance Stephenson’s book by blowing in David West’s ear. West after the game said he thought Lance Stephenson’s blow was “more sensual”: David […]