Hey, so here's some cool footage from Brooklyn Nets practice using the NBA's fancy "Phantom" cams, which allow you to see the game in super-slow motion. There's a lot of Kevin Garnett talking & directing his teammates, some cool action shots of everyone from Joe Johnson to Cory Jefferson, and at least one slow-motion high-five featuring Lionel Hollins.

One thing you don't see in any of the shots: Jason Kidd's retired jersey, which does still hang in the rafters on one of the baseline walls, but doesn't sneak into the background in the footage. But that's probably just a coincidence, given the locations they shot the footage from. (Probably.)


New Brooklyn Nets coach Lionel Hollins is big on team practices, while recent retired player and one-year Nets coach Jason Kidd de-emphasized getting together in between games. When Nets guard Joe Johnson was asked to contrast Hollins's willingness to practice with Kidd's lack thereof... well, his face just about says it all.

Kidd is now the coach of the Milwaukee Bucks, one of the youngest teams in the league.

Jump to 3:48 if the video doesn't move forward automatically.

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Legendary hip hop group Public Enemy performed on The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night, and one member of the group had on a familiar jersey.

Flavor Flav, Public Enemy hype man who's also famous these days for his reality show "Flavor of Love," wore a No. 6 Brooklyn Nets jersey during the performance. 6 belongs to Nets sixth man Alan Anderson, who's a good floor spacer but not exactly a hot-seller on the jersey market: it's not even listed as an available jersey in the Nets store.

My guess is that Flav got the jersey custom-made, and the back has his name on it. But call it Schrödinger's jersey: since he didn't show his back to the camera during the performance, it might as well be an Alan Anderson jersey. And that's got to make Alan Anderson a happy man. UPDATE: As eagle-eyed contributor Andrew Gnerre points out, Flav also wore the same jersey during Public Enemy's Brooklyn Bowl performance. Turn this video (courtesy of BrooklynVegan) to around 3:40 to watch Flav walk around.

You can catch bits of the "Anderson" on the back of his jersey. Weirdest celebrity jersey ever? I think so.


For those of you that missed Croatia's 69-64 loss at the hands of France Sunday afternoon, here's your chance to see what Bojan Bogdanovic produced in the loss. Bogdanovic led all scorers by a wide margin with 27 points, hitting 11 of 19 shots and keying a late fourth-quarter comeback that nearly brought Croatia back from a 16-point deficit.

With the loss, Croatia was eliminated from FIBA's round of 16. The next time we'll see Bogdanovic? He'll be in a Nets uniform.


Mason Plumlee, Anderson Varejao,


Brooklyn Nets center Mason Plumlee is the latest scorn victim of the basketball snark universe, since some find it hard to believe that a late first-round pick in 2013 could rise from the USA Select Team all the way to making a real spot on the USA Men's National Basketball Team roster. He's an easy pick: he went to Duke and played basketball under coach Mike Krzyzewski, who is also the head coach of USABMNT, and his main competition is the talented but mercurial Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins.

When a report surfaced that Plumlee might actually make the team over Cousins, it sent some into sports-fueled uproar, since Cousins is a more talented player. Coach K & Team USA ended up bringing every big man to Spain anyway.

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One reporter couldn't take the suspense anymore, asking Plumlee what he thinks of the criticism that he only made the team because of his Duke connection, or apparently, his Nike connection, prefacing the question with "no offense":
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That's new Brooklyn Nets guard Jarrett Jack, accidentally(?) bringing new a new wrinkle to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. If only we were all so fortunate to have somewhere to land.


That's Brooklyn Nets CEO Brett Yormark pouring a bucket of ice water on himself for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which has raised over $13 million for ALS according to ALS Association.

Billy, Lionel: you're next.


Nets rookie Markel Brown threw down this insane 360 slam during the NBA's rookie photo shoot Sunday morning, on a pass off the backboard from his former teammate at Oklahoma State, 6th overall pick and newest Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart. I could watch this all day just for how easy he makes it look: Brown measured under 6'4" in shoes at the pre-draft combine but makes up for it with a vertical jump close to 44 inches. Bounce, man. Bounce.

I can't wait for the season to start so Brown can give the world more throwdowns like this and the alley-oop he put down during the season that was so good he actually got ejected for taunting.

That wasn't even the only crazy dunk Brown threw down, which was all part of Panini America's photo shoot dunk contest. See this between-the-legs one below:


See that video above? That's Jarrett Jack dropping 31 points and 10 dimes against the New York Knicks last season, Brooklyn's cross-town rival. Watch the video, it's a great game: Jack's scurrying around screens into the lane, setting up teammates for jumpers and layups all over the floor, and doesn't really get going from the floor until the second half, when he does to the Knicks defense what most teams did.

It was a great game, and his season high in scoring. His career high? 33 points, back in the 2008-2009 season, against... the New York Knicks. Both of those games came on the road in Madison Square Garden.

It's not just those two games: in 23 games against the Knicks, Jack has averaged 12.8 points per game, his highest against any opponent in the league.

Jack averaged 9.5 points, 4.1 assists, and 2.8 assists in 28.2 minutes per game last season with the Cavaliers, making 31 starts in 80 games. The Nets could very easily start Jack in a two-point lineup next to Deron Williams this season, not unlike what they did with Shaun Livingston in the calendar year 2014.

This season should be fun!


Above are some highlights of "the other guy" in this deal: new Nets wing Sergey Karasev, who the Nets wanted to draft in last year's draft before he was taken by the Cavaliers with the 19th overall pick. Above is him breaking the D-League in half!

Okay, so he's not exactly tearing through the league: he can barely get off the floor and only averaged 13.5 points and 5 rebounds per game in 18 D-League games with the Canton Charge. But: he's a lefty shooter, which is the best kind of shooter, and hit three-pointers at a near 40 percent clip. He's young and has real talent, which makes him a "get" in this deal.

Like Lionel Hollins said Monday morning: you can never have too many shooters.


The Brooklyn Nets introduced Lionel Hollins as their new head coach today at a press conference in the Ortsbo Interview Room at Barclays Center. Here's a snippet from his statements, on what to expect going forward from the Hollins-led team.


So the Nets didn't win the NBA Finals. I guess that was predictable. Zombies can only stagger so far before someone shoots the head off.

But if you stopped watching in the second round, you missed some more incredible basketball. Max Frishberg (known on YouTube as MaxaMillion711) put together this six-minute goosebump-inducing compilation of every round of the playoffs.

You'll see the Nets a few times in this (and hear Ian Eagle once, for a non-Nets call), but all I can say is: enjoy the whole thing.

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