Meet the Nets! 10.23.14


At 3:30pm yesterday, Nets players were spread out around Brooklyn for a “takeover”, and fans got photo ops and giveaways! yagottabeametfan ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 12 @yagottabeametfan with Mirza Teletovic, Jarrett Jack, Andrei Kirilenko, and Mason Plumlee, via Instagram

Emptying The Archives: The Best Of Andray Blatche, The Human GIF

Farewell, sweet Blatche

It’s been a weird two seasons in Brooklyn for the enigmatic Andray Blatche, who waffled between his status as a minus defender & off-court troublemaker and arguably the league’s best off-the-bench scoring big man. But there’s one constant throughout his two years: Blatche was one of the most entertaining big men we’ve ever seen don […]

The Evolution of Jorge Gutierrez’s Hair

Jorge Gutierrez

Nets point guard Jorge Gutierrez is currently the only active player in the NBA of Mexican descent. That’s a huge accomplishment, but basketball is not his only forte. He does have some nice hair too. Jorge didn’t always rock that slick, gelled-back hairstyle, so please join me in this transient journey through the “Evolution of […]

GALLERY: 11 signs you might be the world’s biggest Nets fan

Are you the world’s biggest Brooklyn Nets fan? Now’s your chance to find out. In the spirit of YES Network’s 11 signs you might be the world’s biggest New York Yankees fan, we look at the same for your Brooklyn Nets. Here’s 11 signs you might be the world’s biggest Nets fan — even bigger […]

The Best 13 Nets Quotes In The 2013-2014 Season

13. Mason Plumlee ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 13 13. Mason Plumlee “It was a dunk, not a flush. There’s a difference. … I’m going to give it to him. He’s gone up about three times now with great courage.” -Plumlee, on Deron Williams’s hotly contested first dunk of the season The Brooklyn […]