NBA Fantasy Basketball: Week 4 Steals

Kevin Garnett

For the past year, I’ve experimented with multiple approaches to accumulate a guaranteed nightly profit in daily fantasy basketball. After extensive failures, I’m undefeated in a span from the start of the 2014 postseason to today. Fantasy Basketball is all about outsmarting your opponents, and much of that is done through grabbing the unfound star […]

As a player, Lionel Hollins flipped off Trail Blazers fans, because he was too awesome for them to recognize

The Breaks of the Game by David Halberstam, perhaps the most insightful book written about a basketball team, details the 1978-79 Portland Trail Blazers season, the year after they had gone 50-10 prior to an injury to Bill Walton and then subsequently traded him away, and two years after the Trail Blazers had won the NBA championship. The book details the rebuilding process, as well as the shifting landscape of NBA salaries and personalities, with Lionel Hollins, then a point guard on the Trail Blazers, as one of the central characters.

So, what *does* correlate to winning?

James Jones, Andrei Kirilenko

The Brooklyn Nets are one of many NBA teams that have put a premium on motion this preseason, preaching a new flex offense based on constant player and ball movement to create open shots. But is it worth it?’s John Schuhmann had a different take, studying the correlation between ball movement, player movement, and […]