Deron Williams, Kris Humphries

Nets-Celtics to participate in experimental reduced game . (AP)

Give Commissioner Adam Silver this: He’s not afraid to dip his toes in the water. Neither are the Nets, it turns out.

The Brooklyn Nets will play host to a 44-minute exhibition game with the Boston Celtics this Sunday reducing the time of the game by four minutes.

The format reduces each quarter one minute meaning the pair of divisional rivals play four, 11 minute quarters. Both The Nets and Celtics volunteered to try the reduced format.

"When this idea came up at the coaches’ meeting, I thought it was a unique experiment that was worth participating in," Nets coach Lionel Hollins said in a prepared statement. "I’m looking forward to gauging its impact on the flow of the game. Since there is a shorter clock, it affects playing time, so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays into substitution patterns.”

In addition to reduced playing time, the game will feature a new format for mandatory timeouts:

During this 44-minute game, each quarter will feature two mandatory timeouts per quarter, with the first triggered at the first dead ball under 6:59 of the period if neither team has taken a timeout prior, and the second mandatory timeout will be triggered by the first dead ball under 2:59 if neither team has taken a timeout subsequent to the first mandatory timeout.

The test case seeks to examine several issues. First, is the matter of game time: The average NBA game last two hours and 15 minutes. The exhibition game will be studied closely for an impact on “player-substitution patterns and flow of the game to determine if there's a better experience.”

Reducing each game by four minutes also can reduce the impact and stress the long regular season has on a NBA player’s body. At first glance, a four-minute game reduction seems small, but it actually leads to 7 less games worth of playing times.

The NBA may also take a look at this format in additional preseason games and select D-League games.

Despite stratospheric team valuations, and a jaw-dropping 9-year $24 billion dollar broadcast rights deal with ESPN and Turner Sports, the Commissioner Silver-led NBA remains fearless when it comes to trying something new.




The Nets have hired journeyman assistant coach Jay Humphries to help Lionel Hollins and his staff, reports Adrian Wojnarowski. Humphries joins a staff that now includes Paul Westphal, Joe Wolf, Tony Brown and John Welch.

Humphries is likely to be the team's development coach, having served as the D-League's Reno Bighorns coach from 2008-2011. He's also served coaching stints in China and South Korea.

Additionally, Humphries played in the NBA from 1984-1995 with stops in Phoenix, Milwaukee, Utah and Boston.




Apparently, LeBron James may still have dreams of playing in the state of New York. Sportswriter Chris Broussard went on ESPN Radio this afternoon and talked about LeBron James' possible landing destinations.

According to Broussard, James, who opted out of his contract yesterday, would prefer to play for the Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets, New York Knicks or, yes, the Brooklyn Nets. The source is somebody close to James.

Broussard has used mysterious sources before (remember when Deron Williams re-signed with Brooklyn?) so this rumor may not have much to stand on.

Brooklyn almost has no money to offer James unless they can somehow free up some cap space -- they can only offer the taxpayer mid-level exception unless they shed their major contracts, gutting the team that James would potentially desire.

With the NBA Draft tomorrow night and free agency rapidly approaching, James' intentions will clear up soon.

Kyrie Irving out tomorrow

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The Cavs biggest weapon, stud point guard Kyrie Irving, won't play tomorrow against the Nets.

Irving injured his left knee on a transition play in Tuesday's loss against the Indiana Pacers.

Irving won't even travel with the team to Brooklyn to suit up. He is averaging 22.2 points and 6 assists this season.


The NBA officially released their top jersey sales from last season, globally and domestically, and a few Nets were featured in the list.

Deron Williams' #8 was the eighth-best selling jersey, Kevin Garnett's Celtics jersey came in 14th and Joe Johnson finished 15th in global sales.

Deron Williams also took the number eight spot in U.S. sales.

The global top ten in NBA jersey's was LeBron James, Derrick Rose, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Deron Williams, Blake Griffin and Rajon Rondo.

Honestly, if the #11 Brooklyn Brook Lopez jersey isn't number one next year, there is something seriously wrong with this country.

Woj: Popeye Jones to Indiana

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Via Adrian Wojnarowski, former Nets assistant coach will be joining Frank Vogel's staff in Indiana.

Jones wasn't retained following the PJ fire and J-Kidd hire.

My guess he is just really wanted to continue coaching CJ Watson, obviously. In any case, I prefer Roy Rogers to Popeye's any day of the week.

NBA schedule to unveil Tuesday

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Mark your calendars, folks. The NBA will unveil the complete schedule Tuesday at 3pm on NBATV.

We already know some tentative games, like Nets in Cleveland to open the season and Nets vs. Heat for the home opener, but nothing else is official.

That, of course, will change on Tuesday. And I'm excited.


A year ago, Jason Kidd wrapped his Escalade around the trunk of a tree at 2 am, after a night where he shouldn't have been driving.

We all know the story. Kidd was arrested and charged with drunk driving.

His case is at 11:00 today, and a source states that Kidd will plead guilty and take a plea deal, that will leave him 90 days without a driver's license.

Lupica states that it could also leave Kidd facing a two-game suspension, league standard for a drunk driving arrest.

If so, it looks like the Nets may be without their high-profile, splashy head coach for opening night. A worthy suspension, in my opinion, but definitely a bummer.

The last thing the Nets need is more reasons to dislike them from the casual fan viewpoint.

This also means that Lawrence Frank is your likely head coach for the first two games of the season. Hopefully he'll do a better job starting a Nets season than last time.


As was feared by the Celtics and many basketball fans around the world, Rajon Rondo has torn his ACL and will be out for the remainder of the season. Doris Burke of ESPN/ABC first reported the news during the Celtics-Heat game on ABC.

How is this news Nets related other than the fact that an Atlantic Division contender has lost one of its key players? Rondo was set to be an All-Star starter for the Eastern Conference and with the injury, will obviously be sidelined for the game. Now its up to NBA commissioner David Stern to decide who Rondo's replacement will be. That then leaves the door open for a player from the Nets to be chosen. With the near unanimous outcry from fans and media about how Nets center Brook Lopez was one of the biggest snubs this year, it will be interesting to see who Stern chooses to replace Rondo. The Nets also have two backcourt guys in Joe Johnson and Deron Williams who some thought merited consideration for the ASG. Once the replacement is chosen, it is then up to the head coach of the team to decide who starts in place of the injured starter.

After all, a new team in one of the largest markets in the NBA, who is having success this season, has to get at least one all-star to Houston, right?