Share a Coke with… Brook Lopez

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Brook Lopez, Carlos Boozer


Back from his adventures in Moscow, Brook Lopez is continuing his pursuit to maximize his free time in the offseason by giving back to the community.
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via Shake Shack official release

via Shake Shack official release

In February of 2013, we noted a glorious, incredible story about a mystical creature landing near Brooklyn's Barclays Center: a Shake Shack was destined to open right across the street, scheduled for autumn of that year.

Nearly a full year after that original arrival time, the Shack has finally made it.... MORE →


2015 All-Star New York Basketball

The Barclays Center could host the DNC

On Monday officials from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) plan to visit the Barclays Center as part of a two-day tour intended to exhibit Brooklyn as a viable host for the party’s 2016 Presidential Convention.

The Associated Press reports that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, a borough resident, and host of other New York officials will escort members of the DNC’s Technical Advisory Group around Brooklyn and Manhattan to sell Brooklyn as an acceptable destination. Since the Borough's hotels cannot accommodate all the expected visitors, Manhattan's hospitality sector and the City's public transit systems are also central to the presentation.

The DNC visitors will take in the usual sights: The Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Academy of Arts, but The Brooklyn Nets franchise also features prominently in the pitch. The Nets’ home, the Barclays Center, will host the Convention’s main activities and DNC participants will receive customized Nets jerseys. The Brooklyn Game sources added that the retirement of The Brooklyn Knight increased the Borough’s chances of landing the convention exponentially.

Best of luck, Brooklyn. A party convention is an economic boon regardless of party affiliation.

AP – NYC to showcase Brooklyn to Dems in convention bid


Practices for the United States national men's basketball team pick back up on August 14th, so Brooklyn Nets center Mason Plumlee has about one week before he continues his training against some of the best players in the world.

In the meantime, Plumlee returned home and took part in the McDonald's Community Clinic, at the practice court at Barclays Center Tuesday morning. The clinic was hosted in conjunction with Project S.Y.L.V.I.A (Saving Youth Lives through Vision, Intellect, and Athletics), a non-profit from Coney Island dedicated to giving kids opportunities through athletics, and 40 kids from the ages of five to 11 had the opportunity to play basketball with Plumlee.

Plumlee made the "last 16" for the US national team, and will have to survive at least another round of cuts if he wants to make the final 12-man roster. But hey, if Plumlee can take on 40 kids, he can definitely take on DeMarcus Cousins.


Barclays Center


Five restaurant workers at Barclays Center have filed a lawsuit against Levy Restaurants, who provide food at catering services at Barclays Center, for "Racial and Disability Discrimination" in the workplace.
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The location of the fire, via Google Maps.

Title just about says it all. From DNAinfo:
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Jason Collins

Jason Collins (AP)

Earlier this week, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio officially entered Brooklyn's Barclays Center into consideration to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention. It's an idea that Brooklyn Nets center Jason Collins can get behind:
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She Barclays Center Statue

New home for the Democratic National Convention?

Joe Johnson game-winners! Jay-Z concerts! The Circus! Clinton speeches?

It's now possible. Since opening its doors in September 2012, Barclays Center has been a non-stop home for events ranging from Nets games to concerts and even the NYPD's graduation ceremony this past year. Now, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is campaigning for Brooklyn's arena to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention:

Mr. de Blasio, a Brooklyn resident who lives a seven-minute drive from the arena and has emerged as a new national liberal star, made no attempt to hide the clear political overtones of a Brooklyn-based gathering in his letter presenting the bid to the Democratic National Committee.

“The progressive spirit of New York City has never been stronger or more vibrant that it is today,” the mayor wrote. “We believe that this spirit can energize and captivate both the Democratic Party and the nation.”

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the overwhelming favorite to represent the Democratic Party in the 2016 Presidential race. Clinton is the former senator of New York and has offices in Manhattan.

Barclays Center's majority owner, of course, is Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, a Russian oligarch who is not eligible to vote in any American election. But he can also promise to keep the air conditioning running the whole time.

New York Times -- Brooklyn Will Vie to Host 2016 Democratic National Convention, de Blasio Says

Time Lapse Barclays

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Jonathan Fleming after his wrongful murder conviction was overturned. (AP)

Jonathan Fleming after his wrongful murder conviction was overturned. (AP)

In 1990, Brooklyn native Jonathan Fleming was charged with murdering Darryl Rush at the Williamsburg Houses and sentenced to 25 years to life, despite not being in the state when the murder occurred.
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Playoff tickets on sale!

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We have a new partnership with TiqIQ. If you buy tickets through them, you'll not only get good prices on tickets, you'll be helping The Brooklyn Game! (We get a small slice of the pie).

Home games for which there are still tickets include:

vs Detroit Pistons April 4
vs. Atlanta Hawks April 11
vs Orlando Magic April 13
vs Manhattan Knicks April 15

Plus there's tickets for playoff games against the Knicks (just kidding) on April 19, 21, 28 and if the Nets get to the next round May 5 and 7, 14, 16. And the last game of the finals (though the Nets may sweep in 4) is June 17. With playoff tickets, if you buy now and the Nets somehow dont make it, you get your money back. View all the options here.

So buy your tickets now.


The New York Post is reporting that Rasean Tate, 28, of Brooklyn is suing Levy Restaurant Holdings for civil rights violations stemming from an incident involving the Houston Rockets in 2013. According to the Post:

Tate claims that he was setting up a buffet in the visiting Rockets locker room before a game on Feb. 22, 2013, when he was all but chased from the area because he was gay.

“When the plaintiff’s back was turned to defendant Rockets players, he began to hear laughter and taunting voices saying ‘get this f—– out of here!’ ” according to the suit, and ” ‘He’s trying to catch a sneaky-peeky!’"....

Still reeling two days later, Tate went to Levy catering manager Darcy Tarpia to relay details of the confrontation. He was offered a verbal apology and promised that the situation would be addressed, according to the suit.

The suit, according to the Post, alleges that when he complained he was gradually pulled off assignments involving locker rooms, depriving him of work and income. The Post piece concludes: "Rockets and Levy reps did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the suit."