Advanced Statistics

Stat Corner: Offensive & Defensive Rating

Say you recently won a charity auction that afforded mindless malcontents like you the opportunity to play in one NBA game. You’re excited, you’re all warmed up, you’ve just high-fived your favorite NBA players, the ball gets tipped, and the game begins! And then they ruthlessly tear you to shreds. With a useless slop pile […]

What is the “market value” of these Nets on the floor?

One of the quirks about following the Nets, from either a casual distance or with intense focus, is that you haven’t had to think much about market value. If the player was good, they paid for him. If he wasn’t good, well, they might have paid for him anyway. The money side was simple, even […]

Six Things We’ve Seen From The Brooklyn Nets, Part I:
The Struggles of Kevin Garnett

Today and tomorrow, we’re going to look at six things we’ve seen from the Brooklyn Nets in the first six games. Here’s part one.

It Was the Right Call to Get Lopez the Last Shot (+the advanced box score, Chicago Bulls 92, Brooklyn Nets 90)

Check out the advanced stat box score from last night’s 92-90 Brooklyn Nets loss here. Some final takeaways: Let’s get this out of the way now: Deron Williams made the right play at the end of regulation. Williams got a step on Nate Robinson, drew Nazr Mohammad into the lane, and hit Brook Lopez for […]