1. if PJ doesn’t take reggie evans out of the starting line-up by the charlotte game, i dunno if i even WANT the nets to make the playoffs

  2. First of all Blatche and Lopez have been two of the Nets best players this season. So getting them both lots of minutes means playing them together. The main problem I see with that is that Blatche will deem himself the power forward and he will drift out and away from the rim. The result might end up being the bad Blatche where he takes fall away leg kick 20-footers. You know the shots that got him Amnestied last year and resulted in a below 40% shooting percentage. Performances like that will kill any team, much less the Nets trying to make the 4th seed.

    Reggie plays a simple game that leaves the offense up to the THREE max contract guys in our current starting lineup. These are all supposed to be high skill players. Combining them with one of the best rebounders in the league should work. There should be enough offense on the floor with the starting unit that Reggie’s limitations are adequately covered.

    1. Not a question of enough offense on the floor.

      It’s a matter of Reggie Evans being so bad offensively that opposing team do not have to guard him. He has 8 points in his last 2.5 hours of court time. That does not happen with any other starter in the NBA. It makes it extremely difficult for our big three to operate when they are constantly double teamed and do not have space to work with because Evans’ man is sagging off to come help defend those isolations.