Bulls 79, Nets 76: Chicago Wins Ugly

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Immediately came out more engaged than in Game 2 but didn’t have that energy throughout the game, nor did his teammates share that energy.


Hit some shots and didn’t look like he was the victim of plantar fasciitis but holy offense on a stick the one-on-one isolations for long stretches are just not going to work against a defense like Chicago, and 30-foot threes are not effective offense.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Made a layup, airballed a layup. Missed back-to-back threes to end the first quarter, made a buzzer-beater at the half. Goaded Luol Deng into mostly inefficient jumpers, Deng knocked so many of them down.

Kris Humphries POWER FORWARD

His shining moment: getting posterized by Taj Gibson. WOOOooooooOOoo.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Was impressed early by his ability to get low position against Noah and had a historic night (22 points, 9 rebounds, 7 blocks is not something you see often) but for the second straight game the Nets needed someone else to be their best player, and it wasn’t him. Kind of wish they’d gone to him more down the stretch.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

So many quintessential Dray moments tonight I just don’t know where to start. Maybe passing on an open jumper, dribbling twice, and shooting a contested fadeaway. Or dribble-driving head-first into Joakim Noah to shoot another off-balance fadeaway.


This isn’t a real grade (B for Bogans!) and I’m sure we’ll find an answer soon, but… um… where was he?


A lot of people were calling to see Brooks earlier tonight. But when he did get in the game, he did almost nothing outside of a late floater to cut the Bulls lead to 77-72.


So maybe letting Carlos Boozer shoot wasn’t the greatest idea. But there was one worse: letting Reggie Evans shoot. Twice. From outside of 15 feet.


His worst game of the series so far and airballed the potential game-tying three at the end of regulation.


  1. Brooks “did almost nothing”? Why don’t you just admit you turned the game off? That’s at least a defense.

    Oh, and you forgot to give your boy Air Stack an A+. Edit it now.

    1. He did chase down that offensive rebound near the end to miss another shot, and lost Belinelli backdoor on the layup to put the Bulls up 15.

      1. He saved 3 balls that would have been turnovers otherwise, played good D, got to the rim when no Net had been able to, played solid D… and the Nets caught up by 10 points while he was on the floor.

  2. this offensive display had to set the game of basketball at least a couple decades. #allisoallthetime

  3. Come on. Marshon only played one quarter and he was a +11. To say he did nothing and to give him the same grade as Reggie is insulting. He was competent, he was a threat and he was active – that’s more than you could say for everyone but Brook Lopez tonight.

  4. So of course PJ has to sit Lopez in the first quarter because he has to, it is a coaching rule. Let’s not acknowledge that Lopez is going to spend the vast majority of the game guarding Noah or Mohammed, neither of whom have offensive games that draw fouls or that Lopez is an All Star and he would have to assault someone to pick up his sixth and get tossed. Net’s offense goes into the tank, Nets lose. Lopez finishes game with 35 minutes played and . . . three fouls. Nice move to limit his minutes in the first half PJ! You get bonus points for Lopez finishing with such few fouls.

    Real problem though is that Wallace and CJ went 3 for 16 and drew no fouls. That is 45 minutes of combined playtime and very little production. Wallace had that fantastic game one and one assumes we need him for D against Deng. But man, not even his Mom probably has any faith in his jump shot going in at this point.

    Also Stack is not just playing, but he is taking shots at an enormous rate. If he is going to launch one shot for every minute he is on the court, he needs to start hitting more than 10% of them (literally his FG% for the playoffs so far is 10%).

  5. this is a very flawed team!!
    as per Billy Kings history–he has made bad deals at high costs-meaning obtaining a declining Joe Johnson with a max. contract was stupid!
    giving An often injured Gerald Wallace a big contract for 4 years was just plain a bad gamble!!
    He has spoiled psychotic,DWILL,to the point where he is uncontrollable from a management standpt-also stupid!!
    lastly,his signing Humphries to a contract that no other team would want was clearly borderline retarded!!

    the above explains why no team wanted him when he was APPROPRIATELY fired in Philly-he was actually not involved in pro basketball for years before Avery Johnson was salivating to make King THE g.m.-only someone out of basketball and desperate to get back in -could Avery manipulate!!
    King is the culprit for a team poorly put together–he is no Rod Thorn!!!

  6. I disagree with “Wallace D”. You said yourself he forced Deng into subpar shots. That should get “B”.
    I disagree with “Humphries D-“. Based on what you said, you should have said “F”.