Brooks: “I’d average 20 points with the minutes”

Never short on confidence. Brooklyn Nets backup guard MarShon Brooks remains confident in his abilities, telling Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News that he could average 20 points per game with the proper minutes:

Bench-dwelling and inconsistency haven’t cracked the confidence of MarShon Brooks, whose two-year career has traveled through the NBA wringer – from rookie revelation to sixth man to bench warmer to trade chip.

“I still believe in myself,” Brooks said. “I still believe if I got the minutes I could score 20 points per game.”

Brooks is averaging 16.8 points per 36 minutes this season on 46.8% shooting from the field, but averaging just 10.9 minutes per game through 48 contests this season. He has improved on most of his per-possession stats this season after a solid rookie year.

Brooks later told Bondy that “I don’t really mind where I play basketball, I just want more of an opportunity than this year,” before noting that he’d love to have the opportunity to play in Brooklyn, which he called “the best situation in the NBA.”

Brooks is not the first Nets backup guard to exude similar confidence — two years ago, former Nets guard Sasha Vujacic infamously said he could “score 20 or 30 points anytime (he) want(s).”

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  1. Marshon Brooks is capable of starting on any NBA team. In limited minutes, he has been an efficient and reliable contributor averaging about 5 points and shooting a little over .500 from the field.

  2. That he didn’t get 20+ minutes last night would be a head-scratcher on a normal team. On a team coached by Avery’s intellectual heirs, it’s a surprise that he got any.

  3. As Devin points out, he is basically already nearly there on a per minute basis. Literally 20 points per game is actually very hard to do. But if he started then I would easily expect him to be able to maintain his production and be about a 17 to 18 point scorer. But to be frank that really isn’t that hard to do. Most shooting guards in the league can do this if they get plays called for them.

    I’m glad Brooks still thinks BK is the place to be even though he has been sitting on the bench. He will get some time. I bet he gets minutes against the Griz on Sunday. Let’s see how he uses them.