6 Nets Trade Ideas To Celebrate January 15th

The big day — January 15th — has finally come for Nets fans, when Brook Lopez (unlikely) and Kris Humphries (more likely) can finally be inserted into both fake and real trades, per the NBA’s rules. Similarly, ESPN’s Trade Machine fully unlocks and gives them the opportunity to see just how to fit players signed in the offseason into potential trades.

In honor of such a momentous occasion, we at The Brooklyn Game have taken some time out to look at six potential Brooklyn Nets trade ideas they should consider making phone calls about. You won’t see Dwight Howard here, because the Nets should look to acquire healthy players. There are minor moves and big moves ahead.

Have an idea for a trade that you don’t see here? Leave it in the comments or send it to us on Twitter.

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  1. Maybe I have an allegiance to the guy because he was the best overall Net the past two seasons, but Humphries should stay a Net. When healthy, and not in a coach’s doghouse, the guy is a double-double machine that doesn’t require the ball on offense. He fits perfectly into the starting lineup because he is extremely effective on the boards and gives Deron Williams a dish-off option when driving to the hoop. I think he is still going to prove his worth to Brooklyn fams as the season enters the second half.

  2. I like the Rudy Gay trade alot, though I can’t help but think trading Wallace would be terrible for team morale.

    1. Maybe terrible for team morale, but I think if the right deal/player came along (such as Rudy Gay), the Nets will pull the trigger simply because of Wallace’s injury history.

  3. Don’t believe Damion can be traded for 90 days after he’s signed.

    Rudy Gay trade sounds risky.

    Same with Salmons, Hayes trade.

          1. Taking on Salmons is risky. Nets also add future salary.

            And I am a fan of Humph. He can and has contributed.

                    1. That’s why he played 5 minutes last night? If he “contributed when he gets minutes” he would be playing and starting.

                      He is not and the reason is because he cannot play basketball at a winning level.

  4. Shouldn’t trade your third point guard. Need injury insurance and either way C.J. is more of a scorer/spot up shooter than a facilitator.

    The Gay-Wallace swap is risky and its actually more of a long-term move than a win-now move. I say risky because I don’t see enough shots to go around between Gay, Williams, Johnson, Lopez, Blatche. Gay has the size and speed to be a quality defender but his effort has been inconsistent in the past, so that may also be a question mark. I also doubt that Minnesota would part with the upside of Williams for a 29 yr. vet still unproven in the NBA.

    The Hump for Salmons and Hayes trade makes the most sense to me. Hayes is an outstanding defender who can sub for Evans when he gets too out of control (E.G. In the Indiana Game Evans got torched by West because of his constant gambling and inability to close out consistently. Hump came in, blanketed to West and was able to shut him down). Salmons fits in nicely as a back up three with size and scoring ability off the bench, without altering a starting line-up that has developed some good chemistry together.

    1. Yea, I agree that the Nets might want to be a little more reserved and make lesser deals simply because of their recent success, though that could change.

      And I just don’t know how willing many teams are to take on Wallace considering contract and injuries.

  5. Chris Humphries and MarShon Brooks to Phoenix for Marcin Gortat (2 years, $7.5 mil) and Channing Frye (3 years, $6 mil)

    – This deal gives Brooklyn a legitimate defensive presence in Gortat to complement Lopez in the front court. Gortat has shown the ability to play the four in Orlando next to Dwight Howard, is an intimidating paint presence on the defensive end, and can consistently hit the midrange jump shot, something Hump hasn’t shown the ability to do. Frye is essentially a throw in in this deal as cap ballast (see below).

    – The Suns, who are clearly in rebuilding mode, shave $6 million off their long term cap by trading Frye and net an intriguing young prospect in Brooks to pair next to Dragic in their backcourt. Humphries gives them a high energy, starting caliber player to fill in the void left by Gortat. He would also serve as a trade chip (expiring contract) in big ticket deals that Phoenix might peruse this summer.

    While losing Brooks would hurt, he’s not irreplaceable, and bringing in Gortat would address the defensive deficiency we have at the four spot, elevating us from playoff lock to title contender.

  6. As great as Gay is, we can’t deal Wallace. He’s the defensive anchor and a real heart-and-soul type of guy. He doesn’t care about his stats or anything, he only cares about winning basketball games. I feel like Gay would become unsatisfied quickly once his stats take a hit playing with bona fide scorers such as Williams, Lopez, and Johnson. I’d move Humphries for the right deal and definitely use the trade exception, though. But Wallace has to stay.

    1. If there were no such thing as injuries, I think most would just keep Wallace. But unfortunately this is not fantasy land, and injuries do exist, and Crash takes on so many of them throughout the season.

      This is the only reason why I would deal Wallace if the right deal came about. (Which is unlikely because of his contract, and the aforementioned injury issue).

      1. That’s true, his reckless play style makes him an injury prone player, but you don’t earn the nickname “Crash” for nothing. If anything they should look for a great backup for him, maybe consider dealing Hump and a pick or something for a solid young backup SF?

  7. heres a good one


    Nets get ak47 and luke Ridnour
    Minny gets Rudy Gay, TT and Hump
    Memphis gets Derrick Williams, Brandon Roy and a pick from the Nets.

    the Nets get the perfect piece for their team in ak47 who can back up Wallace and even play PF when they go small. (Luke Ridnour is servicable back up thrown in to make salaries work.

    Minny gets a go to shooter to play alongside Love, Hump will be a service big for them (a + for Hump he is from Minnesota)and TT, because Kahn can never have too many PGs

    Memphis gets a young SF in Williams to replace Gay, saves a boatload of money, and if Roy decides to retire they can save even more money I think, plus a pick.

    everybody wins!

          1. yeah, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want a shooter back. they’re willing to hold on the gay for the rest of the season, so maybe a few picks could sway them. but we don’t have much to offer along those lines, and i just don’t think brandon roy is going to be any part of any trade to a contending team. the grizz are a contender in the west. they have no use for brandon roy’s 2 year 10 million dollar contract that won’t buy them more than 10 minutes of playing time before he goes down again. but hell, if we can turn TT and hump into ak47 and ridnour… ANY DAY. but doesn’t seem real world to me.

  8. 1. I don’t think there is anyway the Wolves would trade Derrick Williams for Mirza Teletovic.
    2. While I would do the deal, we cannot just dismiss the leadership effect we would be losing if we traded Crash.

  9. 1. I don’t think there is anyway the Wolves would trade Derrick Williams for Mirza Teletovic.
    2. While I would do the deal, we cannot just dismiss the leadership effect we would be losing by trading Crash.

  10. I remember the Bobcats were trying to sign Humphries in the offseason so that is a possible destination for him if we choose to deal him.

  11. no cousins trade ideas? these aren’t worth it though, marshon brooks is the future. there’s no reason to trade him for an overrated rudy gay.

  12. First of all, I understand that D12 took a major PR hit in Orlando when trying to leave. But that was Orlando’s ownership fault for breaking their promise to Dwight, to trade him to a team of his destination for parts in return. He could’ve just walked out like LeBron and left them with nothing, but instead he signed that 1-year extension making him a free-agent in 2013as oppose to last year; looking out for the team’s best interest instead of his…smh. This was Dwight’s only bad move.
    I hope this gets back to Billy King & Nets ownership because I’m going to give you 10 reasons why the Nets would be better off with D12 on their squad.
    1. D12 is hands down the best center in the NBA. The Lakers knew this. That’s why they traded Andrew Bynum (the 2nd best big man in the game) for D12. LA knew that Bynum was a top tier big man, but Dwight is “better”. They traded away a #2, for a #1. In other words, they saw this as an opportunity to upgrade and they did.
    2.D12 is relentless on defense. Dwight doesn’t take a night off on the defensive. 4 times defensive player of the year and would’ve won it for a fifth time in a row of he didn’t get hurt. He’s every team’s dream.
    3.Star Power- D12 is an NBA superstar! In 2011, ESPN ranked him as the 2nd best player in the league behind Lebron, in 2012, he was ranked 3rd behind Kevin Durant & LeBron. D12 as a brand is “Blockbuster”; Barclays Center would be sold out to see NYC stars D.Will, Joe Cool, Crash & D12. The team will be the talk of the town and not the Knicks anymore. D12’s name will bring fans from the Knicks to the Nets because of his star power, smile, and marketability. Brook Lopez doesn’t have that cache.
    4. Lopez scores, but that’s about it. The Nets have enough scorers. Lopez doesn’t bring what D12 can brings to a franchise. D12 scores about the same, but averages more rebounds, blocks, and plays with more emotion and heart. These are things we’ve been trying to get out of Lopez for a while now, but he’s too much of a “nice-guy” to get up in somebody’s face, block, dunk or foul hard and stare them down. He just doesn’t have the “Brooklyn” personality to match the team. He’s a West Coast, laid back kind of dude.
    5. Dwight “wants” to be here. He’s tried to come here to Brooklyn on many occasions; but was screwed over by Orlando. Stephen A. Smith has said this past summer that Brooklyn was Dwight’s 1st, 2nd, & 3rd choice. He’ll embrace Brooklyn, and we’ll embrace him.
    6. Championship. If we really want to win the whole thing, D12 has to be on this squad. The best center coupled with arguably the best point guard in the league is a blueprint for success. We’ll be strong where Miami is weak! D12 has already lead a mediocre Orlando team to the NBA Finals against Kobe & the Lakers. Imagine what he can do with this team?
    7. D12 is a physical specimen. He’s 6’11 260lbs of pure muscle. He runs like a deer and can jump out the gym and a lot more durable than Lopez who is an injury waiting to happen. What more can you ask for?
    8. If you really want to make a statement as an organization, if you want to take over the town and have NYC scream Nets as oppose to Knicks, this move with do so. The Knicks are no match for this squad in Brooklyn if D12 is here. The Knicks have the personality on their roster with Carmelo, J.R. and Rasheed, but with D12 as a Net, we’ll rule the back pages and rule on the court as well.
    9. He brings celebrity status that can be marketed off the court with his cool & funny personality and smile. He’ll quickly become the face of this franchise and a stable in the NYC celebrity arena.
    10. It makes sense. Just like how it made sense for L.A. to trade the 2nd best big man in the league for the 1st, it would make for the Nets to acquire D12 in a trade because that would be a significant upgrade for reasons on and off the court. If he’s not winning in L.A. with that team with Kobe, Gasol, Metta & Nash, do you think he’ll win when those 4 guys are gone? D’Antoni can only coach a certain style of player: shooters. The Nets can offer L.A. shooters, young legs, and offensive minded center in Brook Lopez (which D’Antoni would love) & future picks for D12. D12 said he wont sign an extension unless he sees the progress of this season. Well, it aint working out in L.A. They will not make the playoffs after championship expectations; so sad. So why won’t L.A. just swallow their pride and get back a quality big man in Brook for D12. If D12 walks this summer, he’s going to either ATL (his hometown) or Dallas alongside Dirk & O.J. Mayo. D12 needs to tell LA he’s not coming back for him to wine up in Brooklyn, U.S.A.

    1. I love how you talk about Brook’s foot which has not been an issue all season, but totally forget to talk about Dwights BACK which has obviously hindered him this season and will probably continue to bother him as he puts more miles on his body which may be only 27 years old but has already been taking 9 seasons worth of pounding in the paint…

    2. Dwight doesn’t take a night off on defense? D Will is the best PG in the League??? Have you watched any games this year?

  13. i read your list of trades–stop wasting your time!!–because it is a waste of time—
    i ran into someone this morning within the Nets organization—i dont want to say who they are after–you probably can figure it out–but the position that they are looking to upgrade is the starting power forward

    Evans is a great backup-but apparently Humphries has to go–the trade they are looking at would put them in position to compete for the title–i hope they can get it done!!

      1. i didnt mean it that way–i just wanted to focus you

        anyway, apparently Humphries is just out of it-just not mentally in the game
        the other bargaining chips are Brooks and multiple number 1 picks–there arent many power forwards worthy of this–the other 4 starters hopefully will remain–it would be an AWESOME starting lineup

              1. you may be right–i dont think they have much assets-leaving the 1,2 3,5 positions the same

                to give you some perspective–when the Melo situation was occurring with Denver-i was told that he would be a Net shortly-obviously didnt happen—
                last year-multiple Nets people told me Howard was a done deal-it didnt happen

                BUT that being said-i cant blame Prokhorov for shooting for the stars-no pun intended-i respect his desire to assemble a team capable of winning it all!!!

                as we are all well aware,the current team is good-but cant win a championship-the owner is quite aware of this obviously–i hope he gets the star he covets!!!

            1. Bosh. Miami is in dire need of rebounding, something the Nets have plenty of. Probably feel as if he is expendable since his rebounding has been poor and that they have LBJ.

  14. If we wait a year Hump’s expiring contract will be a lot more attractive. Maybe then we could package him up with another piece or two and actually get some return from a struggling team. I imagine that if a team like the Suns flop again next year, it wouldn’t be too hard to get a good return on a couple expiring deals. Dudley, Scola, and Gortat all have pretty fair contracts, although they’re not getting any younger. We’re not winning the ‘chip this year, so why not wait and play a stronger hand?

    1. I don’t think they can stand to wait to trade Humphries (and neither can I). I imaging Billy King’s plan will consist of going for the “big get” right off the bat, then as trades get rejected keep going for less and less until he finds a deal. I don’t see Humphries staying on this team past the trade deadline. He’s just killing us in many ways.

  15. from what i have been told earlier in the week from someone within the organization–it appears Humphries is a lost cause–his expiring contract is the main advantage to another team– from what i hear,his problems are MENTAL!!
    at the Nets game i attended last week–i was told neither King nor Prokhorov want Howard—
    i am surprised no one has brought up the star they are quietly trying to acquire–there really arent many big men stars out there–so i cant believe you guys/girls havent at least mentionned his name

    good luck-thats all i can say,sorry!!

  16. no not yet-But after next season it will
    hopefully,this star is quietly placing pressure on his organization to trade him rather than opening up to the media like the retards Melo and Howard inappropriately did-they are both morons!!

    1. you gunna keep saying “this star” or come out with it? and who is going to trade a star player for kris humphries?

  17. Although I’m a huge fan of rudy gay I think tha tgetting him is a pipe dream. Also I think the star he’s talking about is smoove