Season Retrospectives: All Player Grades

Brooklyn Nets

Looking back. (AP)

The inaugural Brooklyn Nets season was nothing short of entertaining. We’ve spent the last few weeks in retrospection mode, looking at each player’s performance, best and worst moments, watching their highlights, combing through their photos & Instagram accounts to do our best to encapsulate just what it was like to involve yourself with the Brooklyn Nets roster this season.

Now we’d like to put that together. Below begins our full list of player retrospectives. You’ll find our analysis, personal favorite moments, highlight reels, and player photo galleries all available.

Start Here With: Deron Williams
Full List:
Deron Williams | Joe Johnson | Gerald Wallace | Reggie Evans | Brook Lopez | Andray Blatche | C.J. Watson | Keith Bogans | Kris Humphries | MarShon Brooks | Mirza Teletovic | Tyshawn Taylor | Tornike Shengelia


  1. Didn’t read the grades because I have no respect for any of your opinions.

    I basically consider you guys team shills.

    What hasn’t been addressed is Nets are approaching a draft without a coach (not the first time, I believe), so Nets have no idea what type of player they want to draft, or if they should bring Bojan over. And Billy King & Proky are clueless, so there’s no point going there.

    And you haven’t addressed what a deep, dark hole the Nets are in, nor the way to get them out.

    1. You sure do comment often for someone that has no respect for anyone’s opinions on the site.

      For the record: we’ve addressed the draft, the coach, and Bojan each in separate posts, as well as the positives and negatives of the Nets currently stand.

      And I don’t consider you at all.

      1. Lol, Devin, was that a Mad Men reference?

        Ginsberg: “I feel bad for you.”
        Don: “I don’t think about you at all.”

        1. Not intentionally, but I’m okay with anything that compares me to the good parts of Don Draper.

    2. unlike Devin,i do agree with you about the Nets—they mortgaged their future,so to speak,by taking over Joe Johnsons inflated contract and giving an inappropriate contracts to Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries
      lastly,they realize what a pain in the as- DWILL is!!
      THE GOOD NEWS is that for the first time in many years- the Nets actually made a lot of money!!!

      the BAD NEWS is they need to move people to get the pieces to win it all–unfortunately,bad contracts are just not easy to dump on other teams!!

      in terms of thinking about this years known WEAK draft-forget about pick 22–the team would get rid of this pick in a second if they can package it in a deal to get a quality veteran player!

      in terms of a coach–as P.J. recently stated, with the current roster-it would be difficult for this particular team to win it all!!

      thus, the primary issue is changing the roster–which cant be done unless bad contracts are traded—i dont think anyone wants to take bad contracts–therefore, we have MAJOR PROBLEM before becoming an elite team!!!

    3. “Deep, dark hole”?

      Nobody is coming out of the Eastern Conference for the next few years due to the Heat’s dominance. This team is a good coach, solid starting PF, and solid bench wing away from the best non-Miami team in the Conference. All those things can and will be addressed this off-season. After three more seasons the team can reboot. By that point the fan base will be a lot better and Brooklyn will probably be an attractive destination for players. I’m happy with the team as it is.

      1. i agree that Miami cant be beat BUT getting a solid starting power forward is a problem given the player or players that would need to be moved with bad contacts

      2. Yes Drago, ‘DEEP, DARK HOLE.

        I don’t care about the Heat, I care about the Nets


        Nets rebooted three years ago AND AGAIN last season.

        Now we wait THREE MORE YEARS and hope whoever is running the Nets by then knows what they are doing?

        You’re joking, right Drago?

        1. i pretty much agree with you-first or second round playoff appearance is easy to achieve if you have bucks to spend like the russian owner has–more difficult is building a team to be a championship challenger which the Nets arent unless a major change in the roster occurs

          i am still of the belief that Billy King wants Dwight Howard DESPERATELY and move LOPEZ to power forward where his lack of quickness at center defensively wont be a problem!!

          a focused,healthy Dwight Howard would be a major asset defensively,both on the boards and preventing easy inside shots!!
          i DO believe the right coach can bring out the best in Howard—the problem is convincing KUPTCHAK to do a sign and trade ith the Nets to exclude Lopez!!!

          1. Because Nets are in luxury tax hell, they cannot receive a player that another team Signs&Trades.

            1. i hate it-but you are right
              in fact,Atlanta was no worse off without the overpaid Joe Johnson
              Portland got a future star point guard for the overpaid and declining Wallace
              lastly,signing Humphries was just a BAD signing

              I am not impressed at all by g.m. Billy King–his moves may have given himself the contract extension by the owner-but there is little maneuvering that can be done now to make this better!!!

          2. Thanks for posting this comment.

            Now it will allow me to read right over the rest of your comments because you clearly have NO CLUE what the hell you’re talking about.