Your Josh Smith Trade Ideas

Or; Giving You An Idea Of How Ridiculous The Josh Smith Nets Trade Ideas Are

Josh Smith, reading some of these ideas. (AP)

I’m notoriously bad with ESPN’s Trade Machine. Or maybe I’m really good. I honestly don’t know because I have a tendency to think that every potential rumored trade is ridiculous, lopsided, or just never going to happen. I second-guess everything constantly because I never believe it’s actually going down. That’s why when I heard the rumor that the Brooklyn Nets were making a hard push” for Josh Smith, I poo-poo’d it; how in the hell are they going to make that happen? They don’t have nearly the assets necessary, I argued. It’s just not possible.

But, this is the NBA. Weird trades and stupid signings happen all the time for reasons that remain unclear. I thought that Joe Johnson’s contract was untradable. I thought Rashard Lewis was untradable. I thought the Knicks would match up to a billion dollars for Jeremy Lin. I thought the Nets would never end up getting Dwight Howard… Okay, so I was right once. Point being, I always err on the side of trade caution, and so rarely come up with deals I’m comfortable with.

So in lieu of sitting at the Trade Machine for four hours trying to concoct a perfectly balanced three-team trade where everyone can go home ecstatic (I’ve done this before far more times than I care to admit), I decided to call on you, the amateur Mozarts, to put together your best Josh Smith trade proposals that end with Smith on the Brooklyn Nets. And you guys delivered: about fifty trade proposals in my twitter mentions in 15 minutes. I’ve highlighted a few that I think deserve comment in the following sections.

Now, I’d like to preface this by saying I personally think all of these are mildly ridiculous — especially the Wall of Shame, which I saved for last. But given my track record, that’s probably a good sign that Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry considers at least one of them mildly plausible. This is where amazing happens, right?

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  1. A few things:
    1) Brook is dominant and humble. He must stay.
    2) Blatche is prob the most valuable player in the league as far as production:contract (no rookies)a great trade pc.
    3) As long as Deron is on this power trip, we will get nowhere.

    1. Blatche has been terrible and is on a downward trend. He was great when Avery was here but as soon as PJ has taken over its been all down-hill. He is also gaining weight.

      He played decently last night though.

        1. Here’s what I said:

          “Taylor still has a ton of learning to be done and I don’t believe he’s ready for consistent minutes in the NBA”

          I hate to downplay how well he played last night, but you have a habit of jumping to conclusions. I’m fully supportive of him getting more minutes, he showed he deserves them, but let’s not act like he’s going to be consistently playing as well as he did every night.


      1. Blatche got fat again (or at least fat by NBA standards). He’s been having trouble leaping as a result. I would trade him while he still has some value.

  2. this year is a waste-so to speak–no one is beating Lebron James in a playoff series

    therefore,no short term gain trade will be made that will mortgage the future away—this summer or before the 2014 trading deadline will be a different story

    the owner wants to win it ALL-he knows that he cant do it this year-no one available short of a healthy Dwight Howard with a better attitude can help them achieve this in future years–Lopez will always be a major liability on defense–teams are taking advantage of his lack of quickness!!

  3. Got to agree that Blatche is tremendously valuable. $1 million for a center who can score and rebound. This in a league where just two years ago Kwame Brown got a $10 million contract to play a season for the Warriors. Even though he is playing worse during the last few weeks, he is still a bargain at his current contract. Other teams will think he has finally “got it” or at least they can coach him to “get it”. Or heck they can hire Avery Johnson to just hang out with him. Anything for a scoring center is worth it. He will get a nice contract next season from someone.