Brooklyn Nets Coaching Candidates

Mikhail Prokhorov

Who will be Mikhail Prokhorov’s first Brooklyn coaching hire? (AP)

LATEST UPDATE: Former Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan has met with the Milwaukee Bucks about their open coaching position, and a reunion with Deron Williams in Brooklyn looks unlikely. More

Update: An insider tells NetsDaily that Phil Jackson is the only candidate the Nets have contacted so far. More

Update: Boston Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge tells WEEI radio that he expects Doc Rivers back on the sidelines for Boston next year. More

Update: Memphis Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins is a team on Brooklyn’s radar, should the Grizzlies decide not to re-sign Hollins after this season. More

Update: Despite earlier reports that both sides aren’t interested, Jeff Van Gundy could still get a call from Brooklyn. More

Update: Brooklyn isn’t the only team looking at Brian Shaw. More

Update: Jerry Sloan says he’s spoken with a couple of teams. More

The Brooklyn Nets have opened up perhaps the most important coaching search in franchise history — with the team finally in Brooklyn, with a talent-laden roster that wasn’t properly utilized in its first year, the direction the team takes with its next coach could set up the next decade of relevance. Here’s a command central of every coach connected to the search — even if, at this time, they’re not being considered for the position. Things change in an instant, after all.

Start with: Larry Brown

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  1. Obviously, Billy King thinks that Larry Brown might stick around. Possibly because he coached for 6 consecutive seasons in Philly– with Billy King as his boss.

    1. i laugh when i read what King TELLS THE PRESS!!i was told weeks ago that P.J. would likely be replaced as the organization wanted a coach who could control DWILL–
      the above termination DID OCCUR!!
      I was also notified that the organization wanted a high profile coach-the 2 names given to me were Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy.

      I DONT BELIEVE A WORD king tells the press–right now,the Knicks have the stage in New York so keeping people guessing is a good P.R. move to keep the Nets in the public eye!!

      i dont believe for a second that they would hire an assistant coach—i do believe that they want someone who can motivate DWILL every day–too many times he was just plain listless and angry!!

      when King states,he wants a coach who can develop his players better than P.J.—THIS WAS a polite way of REALLY meaning -someone who can better deal with problem child,DWILL.

      again,dont believe what you read—it is usually bullsh–t!!

      do you really think King will go public with the internal problems dealing with DWILL?—-I DONT THINK SO!!

  2. I think SVG is the guy. I don’t know why they won’t go after him. I’ve seen reports that he doesn’t want to come here, which is a whole other deal. But he did bring a team to the finals that featured a backcourt of Courtney Lee and Rafer Alston.

  3. Gotta go with Nate McMillan. He did a good job with Portland and I think he had the respect of the players. He was a decent player in his day. Bottom line is that if it is best for the team to slow the pace and pitch the ball into the low post most of the time, the Nets need a coach who can get D-Will to buy into that.

  4. this evening -i spoke to a buddy of mine who was one of the old powers of the Nets from their Jersey days–in his mind,it doesnt matter who the coach is–this team cant win it all-he stated that this team is good-can win 45 games but they are stuck so to speak with big contracts that they would need to move if they are to assemble the parts to win deep into the playoffs–otherwise, he believes this makeup on the team has no shot to beat teams like Miami—what do i think–i reflect back on Prokhorovs comments a year or 2 ago-stating that getting to the playoffs is easy–but winning the title is much different–looking back–acquiring the current group of players last summer was easy–meaning Atlanta was looking to unload Joe Johnsons contract–and performed no worse this year,Gerald Wallace was let go by Portland who drafted a future star point guard-they did not suffer losing Wallace—in summary, i believe that what the owner wanted was NOT to mortgage the future but this is what Billy King did getting a first round playoff loss!!he couldnt get rid of Johnson not Humphries if he wanted to!!!
    this team is STUCK–good enough to make the playoffs but not a serious contender!! i agree with him that who coaches THIS TEAM will not get them to the elite level nor will minor tweaking of the roster make a big difference!!

    my sources tell me that he signed Humphries last summer with the belief other teams would want him in a major trade thisseason-but no one wanted any part of him in trade proposals this year!!

  5. just read your update–like i wrote days ago, i was told by people with the Nets that Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy would be pursued–therefore, any info. the Nets are not interested in JVG IS B.S.

  6. Stay away from Hollins. Please.

    His great defense has been constructed by David Joerger and he’s got no offensive creativity. I’ve also heard that he isn’t good with player development.

    Good coach — just not for the Nets as currently constructed. Please don’t hire this guy.

  7. I’d like to see Jeff Van Gundy on the sidelines again. He’s my top choice for BK. Second choice Doc. Third choice Brian Shaw. As great as a coach Sloan was, I can’t see him in there long term, or having an improved relationship with DWILL. Although Kobe and Phil had their own issues when Kobe was younger, they and managed to work it out to get some chips.

    Coaching will make a difference, but we seriously need another go to player. Most consistent and dominating was B-Lo. If JJ and DWill don’t bring their A game every night, he needs help.