Jeff Van Gundy not a priority for Nets coach? Brian Shaw a possibility?

As the Brooklyn Nets continue their coaching search, a report from the New York Daily News indicates that one of their presumed top targets may not even get a meeting with the team.

Jeff Van Gundy has been a popular, splashy name after Phil Jackson for the new Brooklyn coach, but according to a Daily News source, there’s a “98% chance” the Nets don’t even schedule a meeting with Van Gundy.

The report also quotes Indiana Pacers president Donnie Walsh, who says the Nets would have permission to speak with assistant coach Brian Shaw about their opening. Shaw has been an assistant coach since 2004 (first with the Los Angeles Lakers), but never a head coach. Walsh says that Shaw would make for “a great head coach.” It was not clear whether the Nets have reached out to Indiana for the permission yet.

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  1. Devin,

    i have been on this website over recent years and have REPEATEDLY tried to write to you that you cant believe what you read!!but you still give the feeling that what the press releases to the public is the TRUTH-unfortunately,this is not reality
    things are planted in the press for a variety of reasons including keeping people guessing,throwing off other teams etc.
    i know for a fact thaat 2 weeks ago, i asked someone with the team about a possible replacement for P.J–THE 2 NAMES brought up to me were Jackson and Van Gundy
    therefore,ant reports that the needs are not interested in Van Gundy is plain bullsh—t!!
    i was also told that the team wanted a new coach who could control DWILL-he was described as you would a problem child!!


    i agree 100% what you wrote yesterday
    if you read what i state above, i think you will agree–the powers of the Nets realize DWILL is a major problem–personally, i dont think any coach can change his well known moody behavior!!unlike his other overpayed teammates-he is quite marketable

    i would at least test the waters and see what stars on other teams are obtainable for DWILL
    i was notified before the trade deadline 2013 that the Nets really wanted to work out a deal for Kevin Love-i think it is possible by including DWILL
    I WOULD be ecstatic about a starting front line of LOVE AND LOPEZ with a healthy Wallace at small forward!!

    i reiterate,teams dont need a stellar point guard to get far in the playoffs or win a championship–just a solid,gritty point guard who can run a team-something DWILL JUST CANT CONSISTENTLY DO!!!