5 Changes The Brooklyn Nets Must Make

With just twelve games left in their inaugural season in New York City, the Brooklyn Nets have clinched a playoff spot and are on their way to somewhere between the third and sixth seed in the Eastern Conference. They’ve got a talented enough roster to beat most teams in the East (the Miami Heat excluded — sorry), but have struggled with inconsistency this season: an 11-4 start followed by a 3-10 collapse followed by a coach firing followed by a 12-3 start to the interim coach’s career… you get the idea. It’s been a roller coaster.

But: there is the potential for a smooth ride into the playoffs. Here are five things the Brooklyn Nets can improve on heading into their first postseason in Brooklyn.

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  1. Great post, except now I am seriously worried about PJ. Yes, he has one of the most successful starts of any Nets coach; but how much of that is him vs the actual team? I’m worried he has actually held us back. Especially with this article talking about Lopez not playing late, the confusion of Hump being benched, CJ being asked to distribute…

    JVG said the Nets have overachieved right? He attributed that to PJ’s masterful coaching. Right now, I’m starting to think the opposite.

    1. We also must wonder whether we would have a better record with Avery still as the coach. I am basically resigned to the fact that (as you mentioned), Carelsimo has actually held this team back and the great record he has as head coach this season is just a result of the team coming together and forming natural chemistry.

      This team is very talented and I think the fact that they beat up on below .500 teams shows just how talented they are. But when you face teams that are playoff teams and you continuously struggle, I think that has to be attributed to bad coaching. I do not think that talent is an issue against most of the top teams in the league. There’s no question in my mind that the Nets are among the top 10 teams when talking strictly about talent.

      1. This article and your commment have opened my eyes to the possibility that P.J. has not been a very good coach. I always just let it go, thinking that he was leading the Nets to play as well as they had the potential to play, but this shows just how many coaching flaws there are and how ineffective P.J. has been at fixing them.