Brooklyn Blows Out Thunder: Nets Win 110-93

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Maybe he just needs to play Oklahoma City all the time. Just looked different tonight: he pushed the pace when it suited the offense, hit open jumpers, forced turnovers, distributed as well as he’s done all season, played solid on-ball defense on Russell Westbrook (even though Westbrook hit tough shots)… He didn’t have an undeniably explosive game statistically, but he absolutely looked like a better player than we’ve seen all year.

All in all one of Williams’ best all-around games this season. HE’S ALIVE! HE’S ALIIIIVE!


Enormous game — perhaps his best all season. Started the game on fire, hitting a three-pointer, a floater, another three-pointer off an offensive rebound, and two more shots in the lane — in the first quarter. Johnson finished with 20 points in the first half, lofting corner threes effortlessly. Had a much quieter third quarter , but came out with some Iso Joe’s that worked in the fourth and gave this team a huge boost after the Thunder tied the game at 85.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Quiet game from Wallace — the most impressionable memory he left was airballing an early 3 and then stealing the outlet pass to regain possession. Update: As commenter saintvitusdance astutely points out, Wallace did in fact draw the foul on Durant that led to Durant’s ejection. Though Durant did have a classically Durant-like game, many of his points came on switches when Wallace wasn’t guarding him. So I gave him a morning-after letter up despite his offensive no-show.

Kris Humphries POWER FORWARD

Thought he had a game worthy of a starter off the bench — wasn’t perfect, but filled his role well, hit some shots inside, and made good on a pick-and-pop. Had some frightful moments in what always seems to be a frightful Nets third quarter, including back-to-back careless possessions to end the third. But got crunch time minutes over Reggie Evans, deservedly so.

Brook Lopez CENTER


Other than that slamajamdamn, Lopez took a lot of jumpers tonight, which would be a problem if he didn’t make most of them. Took over for a brief stretch in the fourth quarter on back-to-back possessions with a slick scoop shot and an and-one on just a tough look in the lane. Yes, he only had five rebounds, but he also had 25 big points. Can’t knock the hustle.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

Hit a ridiculous “no way he called bank” floater to end the first half. Later faded away on a post-up move when he could’ve pounded Durant inside. Finished with double figures, though, so: wheeeeeee!


When he hits those corner 3’s the space on the floor opens up for Brooklyn. When he airballs them? Not so much.

Tyshawn Taylor POINT GUARD

God a few minutes of playing time because of C.J. Watson’s injury but didn’t do much of anything with them.


  1. Devin’s grades are always too stat-driven. No stats for guarding the best player in the world (maybe the five turnovers?). No stats for selling the foul that got him ejected for the first time ever. Gerald Wallace: A-

    1. Yeah, I probably should’ve given him more credit, though it’s more Durant’s fault that Durant got ejected (when the game was already out of reach, no less).

  2. So, after watching fewer games than I’d like, but enough to feel confident about posing this question; is MarShon really not worth at least half of the combined 27 minutes that Bogans and Taylor shared last night?
    I know he had issues with Avery and PJ is even more of a ballbuster, but Brooks can be electric and I just don’t see how he’d be an upgrade over Bogans… well, there is that whole “defense” thing, but still, 12 minutes a game for his scoring?
    What’s the deal?