Deron Williams POINT GUARD

You just HAD to break the free throw streak with five seconds left in the game up 2, didn’t you?

Overall a quiet first half from Williams and a louder but still strugglesome second half. Not his best night.


Iso-Joe hit the go-ahead jumper with 22.3 seconds left, so, uh, A+.

Up-and-down even by the minute in this game. Started off red-hot, hitting three threes and then taking Jason Kidd off the dribble for an easy layup. Cooled off in the middle quarters, either missing shots or skipping them, before hitting some big spot-up shots in the fourth quarter. Perhaps energized by these spot-up shots, Johnson started to go into isolation mode, and the offense fell apart as a result… until that final shot.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Weirdly, the least I’ve noticed him on the court.

Kris Humphries POWER FORWARD

Even if he just played the first half, in contention for his best game of the season. Had some issues posting up on Jason Kidd, which is curious, because Jason Kidd is half his size. Still, encouraging. Closer to starting-caliber than ever.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Scored, rebounded, stuffed Amar’e Stoudemire… An All-Star game for an All-Star player.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

Bad Blatche.


Another good game with Bogans doing a lot of the little things, but hard to overlook a missed layup and wide open three-pointer in crunch time.


Didn’t play until the fourth quarter and struggled in his few minutes.


  1. Big win for Nets.

    Good game for Humph.

    Good start and finish for JJ

    Great blocks by Lopez.

    Smart move at the end by PJC

  2. I wouldn’t be so harsh on Deron, he did have 12 assists and very importantly when he saw his shots weren’t falling he didn’t try to force it, in the past he would keep shooting it, hopefully he continues doing this.

  3. Listen, I love stats. Modern hoops stats–PER, eFG, etc.–are awesome. They reveal the game is useful ways and they can help you know who to trade for or should get more minutes in what situations. BUT THEY ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR THE ACTUAL BASKETBALL GAME ON THE COURT.

    Who won the Knick game for us? Joe Johnson coupled inseparably from Gerald Wallace. As many times as you watch Joe’s double hesitation fadeaway make to put us ahead, you should watch Wallace redirecting Carmelo south of the backboard and then redirecting his shot north of the rim, Anthony has beaten teams in that situation a thousand times. That stop is how you beat the Knicks. There is no stat–traditional or modern–for that. 8 points on 5 shots and being part of our very effective Carmelo defensive…Gerald Wallace: A

    The coaching grade: hand-made defensive scheme for this game, sticking with Hump, awesome ball movement and sets all game, three excellent plays for Bogans down the stretch (not their fault he blew each one), the foul tactic with 8 seconds left, and more: A+ Best prep and game management all year.