If Celtics blow it up, could Nets get involved?

Kevin Garnett, Reggie EvansThe Boston Celtics lost their star point guard Rajon Rondo for the season, announcing Sunday that Rondo had suffered a torn ACL against the Atlanta Hawks Friday night. (Rondo would play on the torn ligament in a double-overtime loss.)

With the aging 21-23 Celtics clinging to the eighth playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, we’ve come to that inevitable point in the year when this question comes up: should the Celtics blow it up and start over? Ken Berger at CBS, suggesting this is the end of an era in Boston, believes Brooklyn could be a suitor for Celtics forward/center Kevin Garnett:

Would some big-spending contender — the Nets, perhaps — be willing to go all-in with a two-year rental of Kevin Garnett, whose ferocity and defensive leadership would cost $12.4 million next season plus the $6 million he’ll be guaranteed in 2014-15 at age 38?

It should be made clear that this isn’t a rumor or something sourced from either organization — merely a speculative question. But it’s one worth asking; with the Nets needing frontcourt help, and the Celtics looking at their own mortality once again, would either team pull the trigger?

Though a Garnett-for-Humphries deal works under the CBA, the Celtics wouldn’t part with their All-Star starting center (is there a way to convey sneering in text?) without shedding some additional salary. The Celtics would be glad to get rid of Jeff Green’s four-year, $36 million contract, and likely wouldn’t mind shedding Brandon Bass (3 years, $19.4 million), Jason Terry (3 years, $15.7 million), or ex-Nets guard Courtney Lee (4 years, $21.4 million). Hard to say how the Nets would balance off any of those salaries.

Another blockade: Kevin Garnett’s no-trade clause, one of the few in the league, and one that he’d likely exercise to avoid being traded within the division.

‘Tis the season!

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  1. Hump, Brooks and 2 first rounders for Garnett and Terry…gives the Nets a legit starter at the 4, and clears cap for Boston, as well as gives Boston a good young bench scorer

  2. Yea, the more you think about, this is impossible. Celtics want to unload Green, Terry, Bass, Lee, the Nets don’t have the salaries to match unless the Celtics take Wallace, which they’re not.

  3. Hump, brooks and Stackhouse for Garnett and Lee would work out and save them boatloads of money. also Garnett knows he has about 2 decent years left, as long as he’s going to a team with a chance to win it all I don’t think he says no. (unless its a bitter rival..I can maybe see him saying no to the heat, knicks or lakers)

    1. Remember that the Celtics also want value back. This is KG we’re talking about. Even though he’s 36, he brings A LOT to a team. I wouldn’t necessarily classify Hump and Brooks as “value.”

      1. nobody is giving them more for KG. Houston is not giving up young assets for 2 years of KG they are not close enough to winning it all. really if you think about it, the Celtics only options are take what the Nets are giving or stay stuck paying those salaries. this way at least they free up money and get some late draft picks.

  4. If love Garnett but I don’t think the Nets have the chips to get it done. It would take a lot of creativity. I heard something about trading Pierce (to LA for Gasol?). It’s funny how folks can complain about Ray Allen an loyalty but Pierce is Mr. Celtic. Where’s the loyalty there?

    They may not need to blow it up as they have the chips to acquire another piece like Al Jefferson and Mo Williams. But if they did…Garnett would be wonderful, Brandon Bass would make me kinda happy. I thought Garnett allayed retirement talk to play for Doc Rivers and win. Would he even accept a trade? Could we get Doc Rivers in a trade? That would really be wonderful.

  5. Btw with Garnett and what he brings on both sides if the court, the Nets would absolutely be title contenders. I’d be willing to take back Jeff Green’s bad contract to get it done

  6. Nets are a logical destination for Garnett: Cetlics are unlikely to get much from opposing teams, Nets can offer picks and young players, and Nets could take one of Boston’s bad contracts to help the C’s get under the cap for summer of 2014.

    The biggest impediment is making a trade within the division.

      1. your right there is not much value, but again they are not getting better value anywhere else, Garnett is not going to agree to a trade unless its to a contender. the only thing the Celtics can get is mimimal value prospects and salary relief

  7. PLEASE dont bring that cheap shot artist to the Nets!

    He elbows, punches and grabs other players everytime he thinks the Ref isn’t watching.

    One of his more famous cheap shots is to poke a player in their genitlals when they go up for a jump shot.

    He’s a dirty player w/ a dirtier mouth.

    Among a list of outrageous comments, he mocked Charlie Villanueva as a ‘cancer patient’; and laughingly shouted, “Happy Mother’s Day” to Tim Duncan when his mother died of breast cancer.

    He’s a LOSER.

    I want to win as much as any Net fan, but I’m not going to become desperate enough to throw away my principles and accept any piece of trash to the Nets, just to win some games.