Billy King: “10% chance” Nets make deal

According to various beat reporters who spoke with Brooklyn Nets general manager Billy King this morning, King predicted that there is a 10% chance that the Nets will strike a trade before Thursday’s 3 P.M. trade deadline. The exact quote, via Rod Boone:

“We could, then we could not.”

There are 50 hours until the trade deadline.


  1. Still don’t understand why a Gordon-Hump swap wouldn’t happen:

    – It replaces unproductive Humphries with a potentially productive Gordon

    – Keeps the asset (both are on the same contract)

    – Allows everyone to get a real assessment of Teletovic

        1. Gerald Wallace took advantage of the same situation and I’m pretty sure Gordon and his agent will try to do the same.

          1. Two different situations:

            When the Nets acquired Wallace, he had a player option for $9.5 million that he declined. He knew that a) he was still good enough to sign a deal with the Nets or elsewhere for similar money and b) that the Nets were in their most important time period in franchise history, just gave up the #6 pick in the draft to get him, and thus NEEDED to re-sign him.

            With Gordon, he too has a player option. But at $13.2 million (!). His value is so low around the league that the Bobcats OFFERED him to the Nets for Kris Humphries. They may even have to throw in a 2nd rounder as well. If he opts out, he will not even get half of that $13.2m. The Nets are not desperate to re-sign him. They would be giving up their most unproductive player, not the #6 pick in the draft. If he walks (stupidly), then great, we’ll take the extra flexibility.

  2. I think Hump for Gordon will happen, but not til last second. King will exhaust all other possibilities to use Hump’s contract first.

    1. Gordon might end up holding the Nets hostage just like Gerald Wallace did by not picking up his player option next season…The Nets would probably have to meet his demands or risk losing him for nothing.

      1. Gordon cannot hold the Nets hostage.

        The Nets will not be giving up the #6 pick in the draft for him. They are giving up Kris Humphries.

        If he walks fine, they’ll gladly take the extra flexibility.

        Besides, as I said above, Wallace knew he could get the same amount (or more) of what he opted out of ($9.5m). Gordon will not get half of the $13.2m he is scheduled to make.

  3. Billy King is incorrect in his 10% prediction of a trade happening.

    The chances of a trade happening are either 100 percent or zero percent and I will stand by my bold prediction.