Best Brooklyn-Born NBA Players of All Time

Bernard King

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The former Nets and Knicks superstar -- 19,655 points lifetime -- attended Ft. Hamilton High School in Bay Ridge.


    1. We differ in our opinions here.

      I despised Red immediately when I started following the NBA 50 plus years ago.

      If I had still been in Manhattan when Auerbach died, I would had thrown a “Red Is Dead” party (I had been waiting for so long).

      Trading Bernard was the 2nd or third worst move the Nets franchise ever made. I blame Kevin Loughery for that, and truly understand why no team would even give KL a feeler to be an NBA coach since the ’80s

      1. I understand your hatred for Red, he made himself very easy to hate. But you can’t discount his role as head coach(and really, he did everything) of the greatest NBA dynasty ever. Love him or hate him, you have to respect Red, his knowledge of the game, and his impact on the NBA.

            1. Should Hitler be respected for his accomplishments?

              Hell, Mussolini got the trains to run on time.

        1. Yeah, I guess you have to give Hitler credit for what he accomplished while he was GM of Germany.

  1. It’s funny how when I was growing up everybody wanted to get as far away from Brooklyn as possible and now everybody wants to get in…Live long enough and everything comes full circle.