Barclays Center intentionally smells

Barclays Center

Barclays Center has a distinct, intentional odor. (AP)

A trip to the Barclays Center offers a wealth of neural stimulation: ample stimuli for the visual cortex, from Andray Blatche’s point-center crossovers to the rare-but-thrilling dunks of Deron Williams and the many entertaining faces of Brook Lopez; auditory treasures from the sonorous chants of “Broook-lynnn” to the Warrior cries of Gerald “Crash” Wallace.

And then there is the olfactory system. According to a that of a Calvin Klein Store , while another told DNAInfo that the aroma was akin to Axe Body Spray.

Josh Newman, who covers the Nets for SNY, finds the smell appealing, and attributes the added amenity to Nets owner and Russian billion oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov’s spare no expense mentality.

“It’s a brand-new building. They’ve spent over a billion dollars. [The scent] kind of goes along with the whole over-the-top nature of the building.”

ScentAir said it couldn’t discuss what it does or doesn’t do for Barclays and arena officials declined to comment on the smell.

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