Nets 107, Pistons 105 (2OT): Double J Wins it in Double OT

How would you grade the players? Deron Williams POINT GUARD Will feed the trolls a bit here. In a vacuum, 17 points and 6 assists sound nice but it was accompanied by 7-17 shooting and 5 turnovers, including some key misses in the extra session and an awful turnover in the closing minutes of the […]

And Your Early Contender for Circus Shot of the Year ….

Not quite on par with Jason Kidd dishing to Lucious Harris bowling ball style, CJ Watson still with an impressive trick in the first half, intercepting an errant Detroit pass and blindly throwing the ball over-his-head from behind half-court for a Gerald Wallace slam (here’s the play in real time). Have to think this will […]

The Boston Celtics: A Portrait in Fugazi

The phrase “Fugazi” – Mafia slang for “fake tough guy” per the movie Donnie Brasco – should be a familiar one to long-term Nets fans. Following a game 2 Nets demolition of the Manhattan Knicks during the 2004 NBA Playoffs, then-Knick Tim Thomas, injured by a hard foul from Nets center Jason Collins, referred to […]

Taking Nets/Knicks Personally

The amusing, yet hardly unexpected chorus of excuses and capitulations from Knicks fans the day after Round 1 of the “Battle of the Boroughs” went to the bums from Brooklyn – “it was just one game.” “The Knicks were missing Stat, Shump and Kidd.” “The Nets haven’t played anyone good yet” – do not upset […]

The Bench Mob Gets Defensive

Andray Blatche Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn’s “Bench Mob” has already earned its share of attention in the early part of the season – primarily for the offensive performances from the likes of Andray Blatche, CJ Watson, MarShon Brooks and Jerry Stackhouse. But what’s most impressive in these (very) early stages of the season is how the group has performed defensively. […]

Back to School: Kris Humphries

Prerequisite reading: Despite his robust price tag and his mainstream status thanks to a certain sham marriage to a certain sham “celebrity,” Kris Humphries is not the star of the Brooklyn Nets (did this uber-popular Nets site just refer to Hump as the team’s most “famous” player?). When asked about Hump’s placement in the offensive pecking […]

Brooklyn Vibes: From Russia, With Love?

At first blush, it appears that nearly every neighborhood in Brooklyn wears its cultural identity on its sleeve. But there just seems to be a little extra “oomph” behind being a Russian American native to Brooklyn. The Brighton Beach neighborhood in South Brooklyn proudly calls itself “Little Odessa,” and a walk down Brighton Beach Avenue […]

Are You Happy Now, Orlando?

“This is the way the Dwightmare ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.” – Something TS Eliot would say about the Orlando Magic’s Front Office   Let me preface this entire rant by saying the next few hundred words I’m about to spout have nothing to do with my disappointment over the fact that […]

Brooklyn Vibes: Brooklyn’s Original “Home” Team

Anyone who has friends and family who grew up in Brooklyn during the late 1940s and 1950s knows that a trip down memory lane isn’t complete until the conversation inevitably turns to the Brooklyn Dodgers. The narrative is fairly straightforward and almost depressingly predictable – diehard fan of arguably baseball’s second-best team for about a […]

Brooklyn Vibes: Can the Nets Be Hip? What is Hip?

Perhaps the Nets are going about their new ad campaign all wrong. Maybe they would connect better to Brooklynites if instead of learning that Deron Williams is a father of four, that he’s partial to a can of PBR and a shot of well whiskey. Or that “Iso” Joe Johnson quietly enjoys his plastic-rimmed glasses […]