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Andray Blatche

Andray Blatche, Filipino statesman? (AP)


Andray Blatche may not be an All-Star, nor has he been invited to Team USA’s national men’s basketball pool, but that won’t stop him from playing in the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

Gilas Pilipinas, the national men’s basketball team of the Philippines, has taken the steps to naturalize both the Nets big man and Denver’s seven-footer, JaVale McGee. House Bills 3783 and 3784 will give both Blatche and McGee Philippine citizenship and allow them to be included into the country’s national men’s basketball pool.

It is still unconfirmed whether or not Blatche is actually Filipino.

When asked if he was aware that his teammate was of Philippine descent, Joe Johnson said, “No, but he’s full of s---.

According to Rod Boone, Blatche also has a new nickname:

Young Seymour is averaging 13.5 points, 6.3 rebounds and 1.0 steals in 21.2 minutes per game in the month of January, helping lead the Nets to a 10-2 record in the new year.


Is Coach Kidd the final piece in his point guard pedigree? (AP)


Very few NBA point guards boast as impressive of a pedigree as Tyshawn Taylor. This is what makes it so frustrating that he is so far removed from the prototype of the position.

A true point guard is a team leader, on and off the floor. He’s more interested in setting up his teammates than scoring for himself, and is rarely, if ever, caught out of position or turns the ball over. Even off the floor a point guard is supposed to be the team’s leader, much like a quarterback is supposed to do in football.

Tyshawn Taylor is turnover prone. He’s more likely to penetrate and score than look to hit an open teammate. As for off the court, he’s had a few slip-ups, most recently letting it be known publicly he isn’t happy with his playing situation.

How does someone who has been privy to the sort of basketball mentorship Taylor has end up this way? More importantly, why are the Nets keeping him around?... MORE →



The below chart details the offensive and defensive ratings for the Brooklyn Nets during this series when Andray Blatche shares the court with Brook Lopez, and when he doesn't. As you can see, there's a significant disparity:



At the beginning of this season, a Brooklyn Nets-Chicago Bulls playoff matchup would have a duel of elite point guards written all over it. But through five games of the Nets-Bulls first round matchup, no one could have expected that the talk of the series would still be the Bulls point guard play with Derrick Rose still sidelined with a torn ACL, as Nate Robinson and Kirk Hinrich have made their presence known through all five games.

Robinson single-handedly stole Game 4 with an offensive explosion that erased a 14-point lead with less than three minutes left in the game. As for Hinrich, he has been a pest on defense, hassling Deron Williams on nearly every possession.

But with Hinrich doubtful for tonight’s Game 6, is having Robinson out there playing defense on Williams all that bad for the Bulls?... MORE →


Brooklynite high school basketball star Deejay Brown with coach Rich Endres. (Credit: Steve Ames)


For Brooklyn native Deejay Brown, the place where he is the most safe in the world is on the basketball court.

That’s what makes it so sad that he hasn’t been allowed to play for the past two seasons for his team at Thousand Oaks High School in California. Brown was ruled ineligible to play after moving in to live with the family of Rich Endres, his coach –- and surrogate father.

Last year's decision was based upon the principals' conclusion that Brown, Endres and Thousand Oaks didn't prove Brown's hardship case. Endres thinks Brown should have been allowed to play last year, if not both years.

"How many kids get stabbed in the face in an attempted murder? That’s an extreme hardship. And what would it have hurt if you would have allowed him to play? Who would that have harmed?"... MORE →



An interesting way to look at the Brooklyn Nets season so far: the first chart looking at the value Nets players bring on the floor (by win shares per 48 minutes), and the second from their salaries. Click on the circles at the top of the chart to toggle between each chart.

You'll see that six players had salaries so small they couldn't be included individually -- including Andray Blatche, who's provided by far the best value compared to his salary of all Nets players.

Graph after the jump.... MORE →





It has been a roller-coaster ride this season for Nets big man Brook Lopez: along with his eminently photographable face, Lopez was selected to the All-Star team for the first time in his young career. But, since then... MORE →




The Game Starts Now...... MORE →


By Will Rausch

P.J. Carlesimo

P.J. Carlesimo is no stranger to coaching changes. (AP)

P.J. Carlesimo is no stranger to mid-season firings. The Thunder axed him in 2008 after a 1-12 start and replaced him with current coach Scott Brooks, who rallied the young troops for a 22-47 record the rest of the way. Seven games is a small sample size, but if Carlesimo really is the Nets interim coach for the immediate future (as management has repeated ad nauseam), he may well be on his way to the so-called “bump” a new coach gets when taking over the reins of a team in disarray.

But is this coaching bump real?... MORE →


By Will Rausch


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Get Started: First Quarter

First Quarter | Second Quarter | Third Quarter | Fourth Quarter
... MORE →



After starting the season off 11-4, one of the best starts in franchise history, Johnson and the Nets managed a dismal 3-10 record in December. What went wrong, and why did the Nets fire Avery Johnson?

First up: The Hype