Why DeMarcus Cousins Isn’t The Pick

Regarding this year’s NBA Draft, conventional thinking has John Wall going first to the Washington Wizards and the Philadelphia 76ers, in all likelihood, selecting Evan Turner, the second best prospect by most standards.  So, how about the Nets with the third pick? What I gather most from what I’ve read of New Jersey Nets owner, […]

Nets of the Round Table I

Obviously, this is a New Jersey Nets blog, however, the NAS crew absolutely love the NBA in general.  So, every week, Sebastian, Mark, Devin, and myself will answer questions regarding the L. Please note that Mark was not able to answer the inaugural questions because he decided to take a more active role and is […]

Ted Leonsis Approves This Message

I recently happened upon Washington Wizards owner, Ted Leonsis’ personal blog in a roundabout way after reading TrueHoop’s Wednesday Bullets.  In any case, he blogged about luck, deserving the first pick, and thanked Irene Pollin for being at the NBA Lottery Draft amongst other things.  From what I’ve read, Leonsis seems like a genuinely happy […]

A Retrospective of Third Overall Lottery Draft Picks

I’m sure most New Jersey Nets fans are a bit disappointed by the other night’s NBA Draft Lottery. Actually, maybe more than a bit. It could even be seen in new Nets owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, a man who has appeared every bit as super cool as 1990s Samuel L. Jackson. However, once the placard showed […]

Possible New Jersey Nets Coaching Candidates: Mike Krzyzewski

A new series begins this week on NetsAreScorching.com where we take a look at the possible coaching candidates for the New Jersey Nets. First up will be Mike Krzyzewski, and you may not believe this, but I actually spelled his surname without looking. Seriously. Anyway, we have a good list of candidates, which I won’t […]

Why Evan Turner Is The Number One Pick For The Nets

There is no questioning that John Wall is an excellent talent and NBA prospect.  Ask anyone that watches basketball and they will tell you in no uncertain terms that he’s phenomenal, an athletic freak, and quite the dancer.  My NAS colleague, Devin, praises Wall and makes excellent points about Wall’s game.  However, if I were […]